Lantern Festival, Changchun traffic police to carry out the third wave of winter war centralized unified action

2022-07-28 0 By

In order to further promote the winter campaign of road traffic safety, the Traffic police Detachment of Changchun Municipal Public Security Bureau organized the third round of centralized and unified action in the winter campaign on the night of Lantern Festival according to the work deployment of the superior, focusing on the investigation and punishment of outstanding illegal behaviors such as drunk driving, carpooling and leasing, overloading passengers and fatigue driving.Focus on stopping and checking key vehicles such as carpooling chartered cars, overloading passengers, abnormal driving routes, suspected of disguised transportation of dangerous chemicals and so on.In cities, roads around restaurants and entertainment venues and main roads out of the city should be strengthened. In rural areas, roads around towns and townships should be strengthened and random checks on vehicles returning to their hometowns should be strengthened.For rural areas and in the late hours of the night, unified actions will be organized to strengthen the patrol and control of key nodes of county and township roads and sections of national and provincial roads that pass through villages and towns in rural areas by setting up law enforcement teams and relay rectification.During the unified action, changchun traffic police, prevention and control of heavy cloth frequently adhering to the “full coverage, zero tolerance, strict law enforcement”, “fire” full open sustained scrutiny drunken driving drunk unified action, focusing on drunk driving drunk, one passenger serious traffic violations such as regulation, to ensure “Lantern Festival” in downtown road safety.Source: Changchun Traffic Police Detachment