Henan is a good place, not only beautiful scenery, crops grow very well

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Henan is a good place, not only beautiful scenery, crops grow very well.We are entangled in the choice of tourist attractions, today I tell you a tourist attractions worth playing, is Henan, tourist attractions have a variety of amusement landscape, as beautiful as Xanadu.Henan province has been developing, tourism fire, Henan also focus on creating a lot of scenic areas, driving the economy of Henan has been greatly improved, the west Jiuhuashan scenic area is the key construction object of Henan Province, due to the strong publicity, this scenic area suddenly broke out, the current heat has not been high.Many people are curious about the geographical location of this scenic spot. I did not know that these big scenic spots are all in small counties. In fact, many counties are now famous for their local natural landscape.This scenic spot has been able to fire also has its own unique charm, a long time ago the construction of this scenic spot is not perfect, now the development of the area of about 120 square kilometers, there are also very complete tourist facilities so we do not have to worry about the infrastructure of the scenic spot.The tourist attractions are the main features of the natural landscape, the landscape is a variety of different features, including henan so everyone is want to know about henan landscape, can be directly here, there is a lot of bamboo forest in the tourist resort, also has a very large area of forest, vegetation, forest distribution in the land of the whole tourism accounted for more than half of the land of the sightseeing.During the day, you don’t have to worry about the heat, because there are so many trees and vegetation that block the sun, so you can feel the cool breeze and feel good when walking in the tourist area. There is also A Buddhist culture here. It is said that the ashram of The Bodhisattva of The King of Tibet is located here, and there are many cultural landscapes related to Buddhism.The development of this scenic spot is inseparable from the care of the local tourism bureau, such a good scenic spot also needs everyone to protect, please pay attention to not harm the flowers and trees in the scenic spot, in that case, we can rest assured that the sightseeing will be better.