Forty-eight!Yangzhou’s first batch of “tiger babies” have come to pay New Year’s greetings

2022-07-28 0 By

Spring Festival is the beginning of the Lunar New Year, and obstetrics is where new life is born.Today, the reporter after the New Year’s Eve squatting, in the city of maternal and child health care hospital witnessed the birth of two “tiger baby” at the same time.Today, at eight o ‘clock, the city maternity and child health hospital delivered the first baby crying in the year of the Tiger.After the medical staff to cut the umbilical cord, weighing, wearing clothes and so on a busy, the reporter saw the first urban “xiaoshuai Tiger”.Ms. Kong, 28, a new mother, is tired and excited.She said, originally the baby’s due date is the fourth day of the lunar New Year, who knows in the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, there are signs of childbirth, she is happy at the same time but secretly worried.At that time, the whole family had decided on the name of the tiger baby, what if the baby was born in the “ox tail”?Fortunately, the baby is very understanding.Miss hole maternity: now is a boy, give him from is hang xiao forest, tiger roaring forest meaning.In that accompany xiao Lin’s birth of a nurse also belongs to the tiger, ah, a beaming marriage on such a bear.Coincidentally, in small “xiao Lin” birth at the same time, next door delivery room has 2 children mother, also gave birth to a “small handsome tiger”.Ms Zhang puerpera: 6 catties 6 two, the number is also very auspicious.Mrs. Zhang’s wife: The nickname is Dun Dun, the same name as the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Paramedic: At the same time, adjacent delivery room, at this particular time, is quite unusual.It is understood that during the early hours of this morning, the city’s major hospitals obstetrics ushered in the first batch of “tiger babies” born, a total of 5 male, 1 female, 6 tiger babies.Their birth, to each small family sent “tiger tiger angry”.For obstetrical medical staff, every New Year’s Eve, in the new life crying to usher in the New Year, has become an indispensable New Year’s eve ritual.New dad: They work hard from afternoon to midnight.Yangzhou city maternal and child health care hospital director nurse Zhu Biyun: can see the birth of new life, will not be tired.New life brings new joy and New Year brings new joy.Here, may every baby grow up!