Does Will Smith love his wife?Or “self-presentation”?Open marriage sparks controversy!

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Will Smith made headlines for slapping comedian Chris Rock during the Oscars.Because of Chris Rock’s on-set joke, Will Smith took to the stage in front of the entire audience to punch Rock in the face.Smith went on to win the Best actor Oscar for his biopic King Richard. During his acceptance speech, Smith gave a rambling, emotional acceptance speech, describing himself as a “strong defender of family” and “the embodiment of love”!However, it has been rumored in Hollywood that Smith and His wife have had an “open marriage” for many years, which has made their marriage controversial, especially after Will Smith slapped Rock in the name of love.The couple married in 1997 and have two children together, Jaden, 23, and Willow Smith, 20.In 2013, Jada, 50, told HuffPost, “I’ve always told Will, you can do anything if you can look in the mirror and accept yourself, ‘” which soon sparked rumors of the couple’s” open “marriage!In 2020, Jada admitted that she had an affair with rapper August Alsina, 29, beginning in 2016, when her marriage to Smith was in trouble and they needed some time apart.Will Smith has since been teased that his “best performance of the past year has been getting along with his wife’s boyfriends!”Smith clarified that while Jada and Alsina had an “affair,” there was never any suggestion of infidelity because they were “separated” at the time.Smith went on to reveal that his wife never “believed in traditional marriage” and that it took them a long time to figure out the boundaries of their relationship, explaining: “Jada’s family has non-traditional relationships.So the way she grew up was very different from the way I grew up.We’ve talked about what a perfect relationship is, what’s the perfect way for a couple to interact, and for most of our relationship, we’ve chosen monogamy, but it’s not the only perfect relationship.”He added: “We gave each other trust and freedom, the belief that everyone must find their own path.Marriage should not be a prison for us.I don’t advise anyone to go our way.I don’t advise anyone to go down this road.But the freedom and unconditional support we give each other, to me, is the highest definition of love.”They reportedly split after Smith threw Jada a 40th birthday party.Smith went on a rampage, making a documentary about his wife’s family, having Missy Elliott perform after dinner, and installing a 20-foot-long arch adorned with Jada’s picture, saying, “I’m the perfect husband.”However, his wife Jada did not like the party, calling it “the most disgusting display of self I have ever seen in my life” and demanding he cancel the rest of the event.According to Smith’s autobiography, after the argument he told Jada: “I quit, I quit, I quit to make you happy — you do what you want, I’ll do what I want, and we’ll each find happiness.”While they “don’t want a divorce,” Smith says they need some time apart.Then they really start to find happiness….Will Smith and Margot Robbie’s romance was also rumored after Jada Pinkett Smith admitted to having an “affair” with singer August, and the pair were spotted posing fondly in a photo booth.”He doesn’t act like a married man,” a source told Star magazine at the time.”There is absolutely no indication that he was in a committed marital relationship…What married man walks into a photo booth with a sexy 24-year-old girl and takes his clothes off for a photo?”In his autobiography, Smith describes their relationship as a “matrimonial prison” and mentions that “our time apart helped us discover the power of love in freedom”.”You are free to love everyone except your partner,” he said.Smith’s decision to allow his wife to have an affair with someone else is not something he would tolerate being joked about.Article from hundred number “Zoetrope fun more”, strictly prohibit any commercial handling or plagiarism.For more interesting information, please click “follow” author ~