Cleaning!Dama bought a round of travel, Yanis bad move out of the future, the regular season put bad harm harm yourself

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In the CBA playoff game on April 4 afternoon, Beijing Shougang lost 75-80 to Jilin again, being eliminated by jilin’s double play in straight sets in the best-of-three series.It was a regular season upset, but it was Shougang who easily doubled Jilin.In the regular season easily double kill Jilin team, which also caused a great misjudgment to the Shougang team, so in their own ranking is not up or down, in order to choose the playoffs and Jilin team showdown, determined to the last few rounds of bad, successive rounds of the long thin battle of the new.This kind of place rotten not only hurt the city brother Beijing North control, also hurt themselves.After Beijing Shougang lost to xinjiang, Shandong and other direct competitors for the playoff spots in the last few rounds, Beigang, led by former veteran Ma, was once again eliminated from the playoffs in the last round of the cup.But for now, the rot has come back to haunt them.The last few rounds were supposed to be games of moderate intensity to maintain playoff form and practice playoff lineups and playmaking, but the shougang veterans really took a break from it. Zhu, who shot 40 percent during the regular season, made just one of his 10 3-pointers in the two games, dropping his shooting to 10 percent.Zhai Xiaochuan this season the ball skills cliff type decline, two games several times under the basket work frame, not by the rebound risk, is the opponent risk, but the temper is rocket-like rise, did not play a good role of a captain.Fang shuo had occasional flashes of inspiration, but mostly the ball ended up in someone’s hands.These are the four years of Beijing Shougang triple champion, but under the hands of Yanis, or in the absence of a spiritual leader like Marbury, also become a weak point, critical moment no one can carry the offensive burden.Of course, the two playoff games Zhu Yanxi’s state of depression, all with Yanis regular season put bad, all with Yanis and a number of players on the Jilin team’s attention, the loss can only be called a bitter pill to swallow.In the first game of the playoffs, Lin was on fire and trusted Gibson with a shot that could have been a game-winning shot.Lin was still on fire, but he used Gibson, who really slapped Yanis in the face, shooting 38 percent and scoring 14 points.In addition, Hamilton as Beijing shougang the third round of the regular season most stable point, whether on the offensive end, or the defensive end and box, can speak Hamilton is the most worthy of the letter lazy point Beijing shougang, but in the playoffs, perhaps because Jones gives yanni caused by the pressure is too great, Hamilton two games less than 10 minutes.Not only that, fan Ziming regular season and playoff contrast, also let people do not understand, the playoffs can only be used to describe the sense of presence, almost can not find Fan Ziming;The first stage of Liu Xiaoyu and foreign aid came to form a great contrast.I think all these with Yanis tactical arrangements have a great relationship, reuse of foreign aid, but there are choices difficult, in fact, failed to form a complete set of offensive system, resulting in the result is that internal aid dare not cast, foreign aid cast not into.Hoarded a lot of guard, center, but did not know to attack the opponent short with their own strengths, but wanted to use not sharp guard and Jilin, and Jones, the result was broken and bleeding.Aunt Qin promised to win the championship in 3 years, has been another three years, this is another three years, almost every year failed in the first round, and increasingly worse, before the opponent can fight to the last game, now by 7 jilin finish burst.Qin da Ma’s only contribution to Shougang is “money”, this season the only team with 4 foreign aid, perhaps the only one can rotate to three teams are not weak, but really to the critical moment, Qin Da Ma recruited these people how many people can play a role?Really to the critical moment, I see Yanis trust or min Lulei period of the old team, but they have been yesterday’s past.This war finished defeat I think is also good, Beijing shougang to the cleaning of the moment, as Beijing guoan zhou Dong said: Beijing does not keep big ye.Uncle Fang, Uncle Zhai is the time to clean, Yanis ability has reached the ceiling, but also the time to leave, but the most should leave is to shout out 3 years to win the Qin Aunt, otherwise none of the above uncle can shake.#CBA## Beijing shougang men’s basketball team ## jilin sweep Beijing 2-0 next round will challenge guangsha ## Jones 21+8+11 jilin win Beijing 2-0 into the quarterfinals ## Beijing headlines #