Chen Wangsuo, a veteran of the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression in Baishui County, Weinan, Shaanxi, died at the age of 98

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Chen Wangsuo, a veteran of the Anti-Japanese War in Shiguan Town, Baishui County, Weinan, Shaanxi province, returned to the army in the early morning of January 23, 2022. He was 98 years old.Chen Wangsuo was born in 1924 in Baishui, Shaanxi province.In the spring of 1944, Chen Wangsuo joined the army in Baishui in response to the call of “one hundred thousand youth and one hundred thousand army”, and joined the first regiment, the first battalion, the first company of the 207th Division of the Youth ExpeditionForce as an infantry, division commander Luo Youlun. In December of the same year, he went to Qujing, Yunnan by plane and stayed there until Japan surrendered.After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, he went to Changsha, Hunan province by car, Shanghai around the New Year’s Day, and Qinhuangdao in northeast China by warship around the Spring Festival. After the peaceful liberation of Peiping in 1949, he returned home from Peiping.Bloody war!Meritorious service in defending the country!Ze by future generations!Chen Wang lock old hero forever!