Buy meat on the 26th day of the twelfth lunar month, 5 kinds of meat to prepare, meaning “tian Fu”, the year of the tiger prosperous and rich

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Time flies, twinkling of an eye is another year, tomorrow is the twenty-sixth month of the twelfth lunar month, the elderly pay attention to buy New Year goods, cut New Year meat.These two days every time to go to the supermarket, are crowded with people buying New Year goods, very lively, the supermarket circulation playing gong Xi Facai music, let a person feel thick New Year flavor.Buying New Year’s goods is the top priority of the Chinese New Year, clothing, food, housing and transportation are indispensable, food is the day of the people, the Chinese New Year is a very important part of the “eat”, not only to delicious delicious, but also to eat a good fortune.On the 26th day of the twelfth lunar month, buy five kinds of meat, meaning “add blessing”, prosperous and rich.During the Spring Festival, not all kinds of meat are suitable, such as donkey meat, people do not want to become like donkey temper in the next year.Buy meat for the New Year, pay attention to more, today to share with you five kinds of implied meaning of good meat, and delicious and easy to make, the year of the tiger to eat a good fortune, whether rich or poor might as well buy some for their families.A, pig’s trotters — golden list title, thriving every festival, not to buy pork, in addition to pork belly, front leg meat, tenderloin, plum blossom meat, ribs and so on these parts, also don’t forget to bring a few pairs of pig’s trotters.Pig’s trotters are rich in collagen, calcium, iron and a variety of vitamins, which are very good for our health.Spiced red braised pig’s feet, a symbol of the coming year prosperous, rich enough.More importantly, the pig’s trotter also has another layer of very good implied meaning — gold list title, especially can’t miss home students oh.Ingredients: 2 feet, onion ginger is right amount, geranyl cinnamon anise Chinese prickly ash dry red pepper each apply adequate amount, light soy sauce 3 teaspoons, rock candy 5 pieces and 1 beer cans, cooking wine, 1 spoon, some pepper, salt concentration, garlic sprout 1 to 1, when buying pig’s feet, we let the boss to help cut into small pieces, home to handle is very convenient.2. Clean the trotter and drain the water.3, washed pig trotters into the pot, add wide water, cooking wine, open a small fire slowly boil, boil until floating foam no longer continue to precipitate, we will pig trotters out, rinse, avoid floating foam.4, the pot of oil, add rock sugar, constantly stir fry, will rock sugar stir fry, continue to stir brown, this time we put the pig’s feet into the pot, quickly stir fry, the water vapor will evaporate out, continue to stir until coloring.Put the prepared spices in a pan and stir with the pig’s trotters to bring out the flavours in the spices.5. Put the fried pig’s trotters into a casserole pot, add 1 can of beer (500ml), add enough hot water, light soy sauce, salt and pepper, boil for 10 minutes with the lid open, then cover the lid, turn down the heat to simmer for one and a half hours, simmer the trotters until tender.6, finally open the fire stir fry, sprinkle into a handful of garlic to add flavor solution greasy, the pot of soup thickened, you can turn off the fire.Beef is a very suitable red meat in winter, which is rich in amino acids, protein, niacin and iron, zinc and other nutrients, and low fat content, is a very healthy meat.Eating beef for the Chinese New Year also has a lot of good meaning: niu Spirit, turn the tide, in addition, people often use calves to describe the body strong, so the Chinese New Year eating beef has a strong body meaning, common beef has beef tendons, beef ribs, beef tenderloin, beef brisket and so on, are very good parts.New Year’s Eve family dinner is busy, we can brine a pot of beef in advance to save, eat directly when everything, adjust a sauce, instant is a delicious good good meaning of the big dish.Ingredients:Bovine tendon 2 catty, ginger, star anise, cinnamon, bay leaves, amomum, herbal tea, dried tangerine or orange peel, dried chili all proper, rock sugar 1 piece, 4 in spring Onions, soy sauce, 1 spoon, light soy sauce 3 teaspoons, 2 tablespoons of salt 1, cattle tendon direct soak in cold water for 3-4 hours, at least every hour in a water, will the blood blisters, the smell will also remove greatly,Soak until the water is clear.2, the soaked beef tendon meat directly into the pot, add ginger, cold water, and we use a low fire slowly boil, so that the blood in the beef can be removed more thoroughly.3. After cooking the floating foam, we took the beef tendon out and washed it with warm water to avoid the attachment of floating foam affecting the taste and taste, and then soaked it in cold water for a while.4. Prepare all kinds of spices for marinated beef.In addition to the pictures, prepare a small bag of black tea wrapped.5. Put the soaked beef tendon into a pressure cooker, add various spices, light soy sauce, bean sauce, salt, and hot water level with the beef.Then select the beef and mutton key for about 40 minutes.After the pressure cooker stopped working, we put the marinated beef in the soup overnight, so that it will be more delicious.Then take it out, drain the sauce, store it, and cut it straight into slices for eating.7, stewed beef can directly eat, can also be simple loading juice, pepper, garlic, scallions, millet soy sauce), not greasy, delicious wine and our three, chicken – prosperous as the saying goes “no chicken no seats”, so the New Year don’t forget to buy some chicken, chicken with geely “ji” homophonic, so the Chinese New Year to eat chicken means prosperous New Year.Of course, in addition to the good meaning, chicken is also very delicious, delicious and easy to cook, plus there is no smell in chicken, it is easier to be accepted by more people.Ingredients: 1 yellow chicken, 6 pieces of ginger, 2 pieces of coriander, 1 green onion, half an onion, 2 tablespoons of flower wine, 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of pepper, 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce, 2 millet pepper 1, clean the chicken, remove the chicken feet, chicken head, chicken butt, and then blanch the chicken body with hot water.2. Let’s mix the sauce of pickled chicken, soy sauce, flower carving wine, pepper powder and oyster sauce.3, the next chicken to do a body massage, poured into the sauce, and then add some pepper and salt, daub to the whole body of the chicken, some of the internal daub, pickled for two hours, so that the full flavor.4. While marinating the chicken, we slice ginger, shallot and onion.Then put it on the bottom of the pan and set aside.5, put the marinated chicken into the pot, the sauce is also poured into the pot, first open the fire for 15 minutes, then cover the lid, turn into a small fire stew for about 40 minutes, of course, the length of time to adjust flexibly according to the size of the chicken.We can prepare a chopstick, gently tie through, the explanation is cooked.At this time we can turn off the fire, add coriander, millet spicy, and then burn some hot onion oil, pour on the chicken, it is done.7. We can serve the chicken directly or tear it into small pieces. It is easy to cook and delicious.Four, fish — more than every year since childhood, every Chinese New Year mom will buy a few fish, and told us to eat the whole fish for Chinese New Year, can not eat, to leave some, this is the old pay attention to, meaning more than every year, rich life.To now married, my family’s New Year’s Eve dinner is still indispensable fish.Of course fish is also a very delicious meat and very easy to cook.Food material preparation: bass 1, green red pepper each 2, green onion amount, ginger amount, salt amount, cooking oil amount, steamed fish soy sauce 1 spoon, 1 spoon 1, bass meat is fresh and tender, and the fish bone is less, the price is not high, I eat everyday.2, buy home perch clean, remove gills, viscera and other parts, and then drain the water.3, put the perch on the chopping board, first cut off the head and tail, and then further split the fish into strips of about 2 cm width, pay attention to the position of the fish back and abdomen don’t cut off.4, prepare a steamer plate, as shown in the picture put the sea bass, and then in the fish with ginger and green onion, marinate for 10 minutes to fish.5, the steamer is ready, bring to a boil, put the marinated bass into the steamer, the fire steam for about ten minutes, it is cooked.6. Take out the steamed fish, remove the shredded spring onion and ginger, pour out the water, place the green and red pepper and chopped green onion as garnish.Top with steamed fish soy sauce and light soy sauce.Finally, add some hot oil and pour it over the fish. The fragrance comes out instantly.Five, shrimp – flourishing, rising and falling high shrimp is also a necessary auspicious food during the Chinese New Year, first of all, the body of shrimp is a section, meaning rising and rising, in addition to cooked shrimp, the color will become red and bright, so the implication of thriving.Of course, you can’t love delicious shrimp meat.Ingredients: 20 fresh shrimp, appropriate amount of green onion and ginger, 1 scoop of flower carving wine, 2 scoop of light soy sauce, 1 scoop of oyster sauce, half scoop of white sugar, a little salt, appropriate amount of cooking oil 1, when buying shrimp, we’d better choose fresh live shrimp, its taste and taste is much better than frozen shrimp.2, buy home shrimp wash, cut off the feet of shrimp beard, remove the shrimp line, I will also open the back, eat more convenient.Then add flower carving wine, chopped green onion and shredded ginger and marinate for 10 minutes.3. It is best to prepare the sauce, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, white sugar and salt for braised shrimp in advance, and then add a little water and stir well.4. Heat up the oil in a wok until it reaches about 50%. We put the prawns into the wok, together with the spring Onions and ginger, and fry them over medium heat until the bottom turns brown.Then turn over and continue cooking until the prawns are red in color.5. Pour the sauce into the wok, stir well, then cover it and let it simmer for 3-5 minutes.6, finally turn on the fire to collect the juice, sprinkle in the scallion can be out of the pot and plate.This article is xiao Jasmine food original, code word is not easy, bad we media plagiarism, handling.Welcome to like, favorites and retweet!Thank you for your support!