Attention!Pingdingshan city this road bus detour from April 3

2022-07-28 0 By

Due to the closure of the stormwater pipeline at the entrance of Tiyu Road, Shuguang Street, Pingdingshan City, the city bus Company has decided to detour bus No. 15 passing through this section from April 3, 2022. The specific situation is as follows: 15 will be routed from the north bus hub to Xiyuan Community;Route: Donghuan Road, Miner Road, Labor Road, You Road, Open source Road, Shuguang Street, Luyuan Street, Zhanhe North Road, Guangming Road, Zhanhe South Road;15 Route xiyuan District to the direction of north Bus hub station;Route: South Zhanhe Road, Guangming Road, North Zhanhe Road, Luyuan Street, Shuguang Street, Zhongxing Road, Jianshe Road, Open source Road, Superior Road, Xinhua Road, Miner Road, Donghuan Road;Note: Specific recovery time will be notified later.In the meantime, if you have any questions please call the bus customer service hotline at 3382000 3382111.Pingdingshan City Bus Company April 1, 2022