Anta joins hands with Beijing Winter Olympics, what is the new fashion this winter?

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The whole winter of this year seems to be deeply infatuated with a princess, a snow princess.If Princess Elsa from Arendelle was the best spokesperson for ice and snow, then it is our country’s 18-year-old frog princess, Gu Ailing.She was the first female skier in history to complete two weeks of freestyle ski somersaults and four twists. She was admitted to Stanford with nearly full SCORE on SAT. She attended the Met Gala as the only representative of China in 2021 and was featured on the cover of VOGUE+ February issue as guest editor.Even beauty was the least of her virtues.In February 2022, the Beijing Winter Olympics was about to open. Gu Ailing, the world champion freestyle skier who is the spokesperson of Anta, finished the competition with 6 gold MEDALS, 2 silver MEDALS and 1 bronze medal, and her first Olympic journey was about to start.The global chief spokesperson of Anta Brand, Wang Yibo, as the cultural promotion ambassador of the Winter Olympics and the promotion ambassador of ice and snow sports, sang the winter Olympic theme song “Winter Dream Flies in the sky”, delivering passion and expectation with his songs and cheering for the ice and snow athletes.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is about to open, and the popularity of the popular ice sports is still high. How to stay comfortable and fashionable in the cold weather before the end of the snow season?Trust me, the first pick-up line of the year begins with “What did you do today?”.Facing the chat box, typing and deleting again and again, anxious not to know where to start the new topic today.The largest number of daily greetings in the chat logs ranged from “How many kilograms did you lift today?”Have you learned how to change blades today?”.A movement that has long broken out of its original monotony is more like a search for similar souls who share a common attitude towards life.With the increasing proportion of exercise in the daily life of young people, it has become more diversified and popular. “Exercise without losing weight” has gradually evolved into the most fashionable lifestyle of the young generation.Sporty style may be the next thing.This winter’s fashion snow field roll is very representative, reflected in large and small ski equipment, everywhere roll.From snow suits to skis, snow mirrors, and even equipment bags and helmets.These sports clothes have already broken the original functional, breaking through the applicable scene, and have become an emerging fashion item in winter. The fashion industry and skiing are intertwined more and more closely, gracefully welcoming every gliding feeling in winter.”Girls look sexier in ski suits than swimsuits.”– In 1957, Fred Picard joined golf and equestrian in the category of aristocratic sports.In Europe’s high society, from the Queen of England to Princess Diana, William and Kate’s family are all fans of skiing.By the middle of the last century, the ski resort was also frequented by Hollywood stars.If you’re dreaming of a ski lifestyle, be a stylish skier on those few snowy days.Professional and stylish, it’s better to go straight to the next textbook example of winter sports, the Winter Olympics.As the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games are about to open, Anta will create a full set of award winning shoes and uniforms for the Chinese national team.That this year’s winter new fashion might as well listen to anta.In winter modelling, get rid of thick feeling seems to be the core answer that everybody is searching all the time.How frivolous warm preservation, can maintain modelling feeling again at the same time, it is a difficult thing more.After observing many artists’ daily winter styling, we have summed up some secret rules for everyone.The flag sportswear of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. This style of Wang Yuanke is very suitable for daily sports wear.Anta super big white long down jacket choose a slim legging, even if the lower body choose thinner material, down jacket above the knee design is enough to keep warm.Accompany the swing of down jacket when walking, fine double leg chooses a pair of long canister colour rich sock again, maintain modelling agile while visual effect is rich enough also.Hanikzi chose the same bright white for this versatile down jacket, an all-white look that creates a visual impact on the dreary winter days.With a large area of color block, bright colors will flatter your skin better than the dark colors that most people choose.Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games franchise merchandise flag sports clothing selection of appropriate knowledge can be more worthy of consideration, how to keep warm but also through the details to maintain the integrity of the shape.Zhang Junning chose this Anta sports jacket, in the collar of the choice of classic Chinese design, detail design is enough to highlight the unique Chinese characteristics and connotation.The appearance of the fabric is smooth, the feel is smooth, and it is very neat as a daily style, avoiding heavy.At the same time, it also has the function of breathable and absorbing sweat as a sports close-fitting.The national flag sportswear, licensed products of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, also references Princess Diana’s skiing style without any sense of thickness. The body is very light and perfectly maintains the style of each set, but you can feel the warmth from the flushed cheeks.The snow suit is folded inside and worn in a half high collar base color. Black and white is enough.In addition to keeping warm, the small details from the collar of the snow suit echo the overall shape, which is simple and harmonious.Princess Diana wore the same two red snowsuits, but chose black and white soles to match her white knit hat, black trousers and sunglasses.Wearing a black and royal blue snowsuit, Diana opted for a royal blue turtleneck top for the bottom, highlighting the harmony of the look.If black is too dull, white will be picked out in dark suits.Solid colors work best as a layered underlayer, less is more.The clothing cutting and style of winter ice and snow sports will not be too out of line. It is the fastest shortcut to improve fashion degree from color collocation.Referring to the modeling of the artists in the ski resort, there must be a harmonious color collocation in the modeling of high score.The law of the foundation above all, it is to choose the dress that fastens same color and sheet to taste, maintain the clean and agile of the most basic motion modelling.Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games franchise goods national flag sports clothes choose the style of printing in the snow resort will be more flexible, Guan Xiaotong from the inside to the hat and then with anta hot technology of China ice and snow series.Not only without fear of ice and cold, but also to maintain the integrity of the shape.In the vast expanse of pure white snow and ice, the choice of large-area bright color pieces will stand out in the crowded ski resort.Choose the same color color clothing items, flying on the vast silver snow is very attractive.Against the white snow, the choice of bright colors will highlight the additional vitality of the movement itself.Such as Liu Dexi, choose fluorescent color to match black.If the stereotype of sports apparel is a single dull color, then the stereotype of sports brands may be more functional than fashionable, but Anta has broken all these stereotypes with practical actions.Anta all-weather series outdoor sports two-piece sets use bright sail yellow, adding a lot of warmth to the cold and lonely winter atmosphere.Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games franchise merchandise national flag sports clothing sports all-round Gan Wangxing has also worn this piece of sail yellow, energetic and eye-catching.The national flag sportswear is the licensed product of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. If you want to have a more modern retro feeling, you can also choose a colorful snow suit at the ski resort, which eliminates the entanglements of matching individual items, and you can’t go wrong.The start of the Winter Olympics in Beijing is the start of the New Year, and no one can resist the feeling of joy at one of the most atmospheric moments of the year.Then in the Spring Festival atmosphere of sports, how to wear such a festive atmosphere?Chinese New Year wears Chinese red.The red figure in The Snow Princess Guailing Snow Resort is very kind and joyful to see for countless times.It’s the New Year, and there’s a good reason to try a bright red color that you wouldn’t normally dare to try.But choose red, do not choose many high saturation color collision color collocation way, avoid messy, lose the center of gravity of modelling.In the silver snow resort, a touch of Chinese red will directly light up the Spring Festival atmosphere, and other items will be directly filled with black/white visual effects.As the licensed products of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Anta 2022 Winter Olympic Games licensed products of national flag sportswear has the exclusive right to use the “national flag” logo.With the Winter Olympics approaching and the New Year, there is no more suitable choice.Coincided with winter games, ski resorts in China red wrap around the body, the national flag printed on side, ski resorts in the leap, as the gravity down hill, adrenaline secretion, calm freely make skis follow the body naturally swing at the difficulty of movement, ornamental touches the roller, to the mountain. Along with the gender of the brake, it is one word: grace!Anta’s high-performance clothing is no longer limited to the ski resort, but into the spirit of The Times, sports reflect taste.Anta not only supports the Olympic Games, but also supports everyone who loves sports.In addition to the above details full of design sense, Anta perfectly balances the functionality and fashion sense of clothing.Anta even managed to apply the same fiery technology of the national team to our daily clothing items.Beijing 2022 Olympics merchandise flag style sportswear in games culture promote the messenger yi-bo wang body anta champion all-weather series woven twinset coat, outside the moisture vapor transmission technology, with national team in same materials, wind tie-in inner heat reflection technology improve thermal performance, through reflection body temperature to reduce the human body as the heat in winter.No matter outdoor sports, or urban leisure, it can be perfectly integrated into the national flag-style sportswear licensed by Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.Because Anta believes that sports are not only in the arena, but also in daily life.More prominent in the tech fabric is the Gore-Tex high-end tech trench coat from anta’s all-weather collection.Gore-tex, a top-notch outdoor fabric with 1.4 billion tiny holes per square centimeter, is windproof, waterproof and highly breathable, making it easy to cope with the most unexpected weather during sports, such as windy weather, low temperatures and light rain.Red-hot technology, the licensed product of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, is also used in anta to create a full set of MEDALS for the Chinese national team and compete with a number of Chinese national teams.Bring warmth but also bring championship glory experience.At the beginning of the New Year, wearing the same style as the national team is bound to be a new fashion in the winter of the New Year.Anta’s relationship with Chinese sports does not stop there.China’s national team wears Anta in 22 Olympic events.Chinese athletes wear Anta for 275 Olympic MEDALS.For 8 consecutive official cooperation sessions, The Chinese Olympic Committee chose Anta.Boundless and magnificent……Love sports, China has anta.With the double support of Beijing Olympic Games and Anta, have you found your own new winter fashion?