South Changshan street: a padded garment to build forest fire prevention warm heart bridge

2022-07-27 0 By

China Shandong network – Perception of Shandong January 22 news (correspondent Wang Quanhao) winter winter winter day cold, forest fire prevention in full swing!The Party Committee and government of The South Changshan Street of Changlong Comprehensive Experimental Area cares about the cold and warm of the front-line forest rangers. On the arrival of the Spring Festival, they carry out the activity of forest fire protection and sending warm clothes and cotton shoes to all the forest rangers under their administration, so as to ensure that our forest rangers are safe in fire prevention and warm in winter.A padded coat, a thank you!South Changshan street staff rushed to the area of 20 fire points, the new cotton-padded clothes, cotton-padded shoes one by one to the hands of 24 rangers, passing a trace of care and warmth, thank them for the forest as partners, rooted in the fire front line, stick to the post, the perennial hard pay.A cotton-padded coat, a hope!Street staff and on duty personnel cordial exchanges, listen to their aspirations, I hope to continue to carry forward the spirit of dedication, joint efforts, as always keep beautiful castle peak!