California is facing a growing shortage of nursing workers who are leaving because of delayed paychecks

2022-07-27 0 By

Thousands of California health care workers have not been paid on time and some of them are leaving their jobs after a recent mistake in streamlining the state’s payroll process, U.S. media reported Wednesday.This has added to the already understaffed nursing homes in the area.California has suffered a major setback since January 1 in its attempt to streamline the payrolls of its nursing workers, the Boston Globe reported Tuesday.The consolidation of payroll operations from three providers into one has resulted in thousands of individual carers not being paid on time.While the payroll system is due to resume in a few weeks, industry observers say the failure is already causing staff to leave.According to the BUREAU of Labor Statistics, the US healthcare industry has lost about half a million workers as a result of COVID-19 since February 2020.And this employee turnover certainly makes the problem worse.Overseas network copyright works, unauthorized reprint is strictly prohibited.