“Big Detective 7” Yang Rong calls attention to school bullying judge group online popularization of legal knowledge

2022-07-27 0 By

“Big Detective 7”, a French educational mystery show produced by Mango TV, is currently on the air.This issue of “Fairy Tale School graduation palpitations” is a place in the Saint MG vocational college, caused by the “tragic case”.When Zhang Ruoyun was suspected of “killing” by He Jiong, he methodically replayed his timeline to clarify the suspicion and reproduce the logical thinking ability of old players.During the episode, the judges not only taught people how to properly deal with bullying, but also called on schools and parents to work together to prevent such incidents.Many netizens have said: “the legal knowledge has been popularized, the harvest is quite deep”, “both active guidance, but also serious warning, this way of entertaining teaching is very meaningful”.In the private chat, Zhang Ruoyun was suspected by He Jiong that there were three lines pointing to “killing”, he used very strong language organization ability, very methodical to clarify his suspicion.First of all, he confessed the time of the operation, then proposed the motives and unreasonable place of the existence of others, and sorted out the time line of each person along with the development of the case.In the whole statement, Zhang not only reproduces energetic logical thinking ability, but also makes people exclaim that his verbal expression ability is “amazing”.In this program, Yang Rong plays “Rong Latin America” is the “victim” of school bullying, she tells us through her feelings, encounter similar situations, do not blindly put up with: “must find ways to deal with their emotions, such as talking to parents, to find the right teacher”.Each sentence was sincere and sincere, and once again drew attention to bullying and other incidents in schools.In the panel of Big Detectives, Judges Guo Hui and Zhao Junfu from the Supreme People’s Court analyze and discuss the “case” that happened at Shengmg Vocational College.Guo Hui not only analyzed the legal knowledge involved in the game, but also gave sentencing suggestions for the “murderer”‘s “illegal behavior.”Judge Zhao junfu gave examples of bullying in schools, whether physical or verbal insults, or physical or mental injuries to others through the Internet, and patiently popularised the legal treatment of bullying in schools.Taking the case as a starting point, the judges and experts stressed the idea that the law has zero tolerance for violence when discussing school bullying.He not only teaches students how to deal with school bullying correctly, but also talks about how to solve school bullying is the responsibility of the whole society, and calls on schools and parents to work together to prevent such incidents and purify the school environment.At the same time, I also hope that the audience can learn to effectively use the legal way to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, a better life, a better growth.The big Zhang Wei of doubtful identity and Wei Chen and acting director Zhen Bai xue have after all why correlation?How did the killer operate in the snow without leaving any footprints?More exciting, please lock every Thursday, Friday 12 noon detective 7, Mango TV exclusive network.