What anti-spam effect good enterprise mailbox

2022-06-24 0 By

With the development of the Internet age, there are more and more free mailboxes, but along with junk mail, a lot of useful mail is covered by the junk mail that we receive daily.For enterprises, it is necessary to have an anti-spam enterprise mailbox, so as to ensure the efficient transmission of information, there will be no spam.The following is my analysis from a professional point of view.1. With the overseas sending and receiving function Due to the instability of international lines, it is common to fail to send mails to foreign mail servers.To solve this problem, Zoho Mali has set up a number of overseas delivery servers and established dedicated channels with three major Domestic operators, ensuring smooth communication between Zoho Mali enterprise email clients and overseas customers.2. Spam Management When you receive an email with an attachment, Zoho Mail scans for the presence of a specific extension and returns it when it detects malware.Zoho Mail’s secure attachment policy prevents you from uploading files with certain extensions to prevent transmission of malware.Zoho Mail blocks your inbox from receiving spam.The spam filtering function scans incoming emails for phishing and spoofing, and then pushes them to your inbox or spam folder accordingly, ensuring the delivery of massive emails and optimal delivery.Zoho Mali Enterprise Mailbox has a professional team that can better serve its customers, hoping to improve the efficiency and benefit of more companies.