Hunan Unicom will make every effort to ensure unimpeded communication during the Spring Festival Winter Olympics

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Hunan Daily · Huasheng Online February 3 – (correspondent Ling Shanghai Fu Fang) The Year of the Tiger Spring Festival in Beijing Winter Olympic Games, communications network security has become an important test.Hunan Unicom set up the Spring Festival and Winter Olympics Communications support command Center, focusing on politics, strong mission, heavy responsibility, carefully organized to do a good job in the Spring Festival and Winter Olympics network support work.Recently, Hunan continued low temperature rain and snow freezing weather.The staff of the command center are on duty 24 hours a day and 7*24 hours a day. They are responsible for real-time notification of power outages and low pressure information in the province, precise scheduling by grade, and real-time monitoring of key network indicators and network load.Hunan Unicom strengthened centralized and unified dispatching of the provincial network, and coordinated management and response of all majors to ensure rapid discovery and timely disposal.Professional network managers at all levels shall strengthen the all-weather on-duty system, and all important positions shall be double and double, ensuring the smooth operation of scene indicators.Loudi, Shaoyang, Huaihua, Xiangxi and other regions were severely affected. The damage to roads and power systems caused great difficulties in repairing communication lines and restoring base stations.Loudi Xinhua and Lianyuan were hit by a heavy snowstorm, which resulted in the power outage of communication base stations in many places.First-line maintenance personnel of Loudi Unicom responded promptly, launched emergency plan, and carried oil to mount Power generation emergency repair network under snow and ice.Shaoyang Unicom for the recent continuous days of low temperature rain and snow and freezing weather surprise, the establishment of emergency support team, start emergency plan, carry out hidden trouble investigation.All grass-roots units took active actions to provide communication guarantee for the local government’s snow relief work, road traffic and livelihood work.Emergency support team carrying oil tanker fuel, in the snow and ice in the mountain grab access to the network, repair base station.On New Year’s Eve, Huaihua Chenxi, Yuanling and other places ushered in snow, Huaihua Unicom network maintenance staff stick to their posts, braving the wind and snow troubleshooting, the first time to restore the network, give up small home for everyone, to ensure that users watch the HIGH-DEFINITION Spring Festival Gala.At the same time, the low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather aggravated in xiangxi prefecture, resulting in the damage of communication base station lines and equipment poles in many places. The construction and maintenance staff of Xiangxi Unicom stood up and faced the difficulties, carrying equipment for several kilometers to the fault site for emergency repair, in an effort to ensure smooth communication on the eve of New Year’s Eve.According to incomplete statistics, as of February 1, the province has been dispatched to rescue 1,500 people, 500 emergency vehicles, 790 oil generators.The stations in Loudi, Shaoyang, Huaihua and Xiangxi have basically returned to normal.During the Spring Festival, the low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather will continue, facing the test of ice and snow, Hunan Unicom will stick to the post, spare no efforts to overcome all difficulties, to ensure a safe, high-speed and smooth communication network for the province’s users during the Spring Festival.