We will improve the quality and expand the capacity of domestic services

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Recently, the topic “the monthly average salary of matrons is 15,000 yuan” has become a hot topic.According to information released by some homemaking companies, the average monthly salary for matrons is about 15,000 yuan and 7,000 yuan, respectively.The market demand for homemaker services such as sister-in-law and child-care sister-in-law is strong.This year’s Government Work Report proposes to promote the quality and expansion of the domestic service industry.In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and quality of life, the demand for social services is also increasing.With the implementation of the “three-child” policy, the market of domestic service industry has gradually entered a stage of rapid development, and the market demand continues to increase.In addition, the aging process will accelerate the demand for elderly care services, and more and more families hope to get diverse forms of domestic service with satisfactory quality.Although the demand of domestic service industry shows explosive growth trend, the supply capacity can not keep up with the demand growth.In Beijing, Shanghai and other large and medium-sized cities, good service, high level, strong professional month sister-in-law, childcare sister-in-law and other household staff basically no gap period.The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security released a list of “TOP10 occupations with the most labor shortage in China in 2021”, including domestic servants.In the case of less than demand, sister-in-law, childcare sister-in-law and other personnel’s wages naturally rise.In order to further promote the development of domestic service industry rapidly, at the end of last year, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Education, the All-China Women’s Federation and other 15 departments jointly issued by the “deepening promote domestic services to expansion and mass” leader “three-year plan of action, the deployment of promote the development of domestic services brand, standardization, expanding domestic service and effective supply of products.Homemaking service personnel mainly come from rural areas, and the effective supply of homemaking service is insufficient to a large extent because the rural labor force “cannot come out, cannot stay and cannot do well”. How to smooth the channels for rural labor force, especially the labor force out of poverty, to engage in homemaking service is the key.In order to enable more willing rural labor force to receive homemaker service training, relevant departments should strengthen the release and collection of homemaker service job information, strengthen the connection between supply and demand, and enable homemakers to enter service jobs more smoothly.In the traditional concept, sister-in-law, childcare sister-in-law, nanny’s work content is simple, not high, professional is not strong.In fact, with the continuous improvement of income level, many families have higher requirements for the quality of life and quality, and the requirements for domestic service personnel are also improving.So far, more than 7 percent of them have a college degree or above, according to statistics released by a homemaking platform called Auntie Comes.It is necessary to innovate systems and mechanisms, realize coordination and mutual promotion between the government, society and enterprises, increase effective supply, actively carry out vocational skills training of different types and through multiple channels, improve the skill level of household service personnel, and promote the professional development of household service personnel.Housekeeping service is not only a project for people’s livelihood, but also a project for people’s support.Promoting the quality and capacity expansion of domestic service industry can help expand the strategy of domestic demand, meet people’s yearning for a better life, and play a positive role in the development of employment, especially in solving the employment and re-employment problems of young and middle-aged women in rural areas.In the future, with the continuous improvement of the brand, informatization, specialization and standardization of the household service industry, it is believed that more and more rural labor force can increase their income and get rich through household service, and more consumers can benefit from it, and constantly enhance the sense of gain, happiness and security in life.People’s Daily (March 16, 2022 edition 19)