Volunteers of Hebei University of Engineering: Striving to become the “ice and snow Generation” of China to realize its dream

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Volunteers from Hebei University of Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, North China Electric Power University (Baoding) and Zhangjiakou Vocational And Technical College appeared in the winter Olympics special program of CCTV Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger, showing the youth of Hebei.Hebei University of Engineering is an early source of volunteers for the Winter Olympics. As early as November 8, 2021, 31 volunteers drove more than 600 kilometers to compete in Zhangjiakou, which is the first volunteer team to arrive in zhangjiakou Uniform and registration Sub-center.During the Winter Olympics, Hebei University of Engineering, as the source of volunteers for the zhangjiakou Uniform and registration sub-center, sent 69 volunteers to serve at the venue, with another 31 volunteers serving in the areas of arrival, departure and transportation, and two teachers serving as volunteer incentive assistants.Transport volunteers provide service to foreign friends at the athletes Service Center of Taizi City high-speed railway Station.Zhangjiakou Uniform and Registration Sub-Center will be officially put into operation on December 10, 2021, which is the first venue in Zhangjiakou Competition area. It is mainly responsible for the production and issuance of identity registration cards and the distribution of uniforms for staff, volunteers and technical officials.The zhangjiakou Uniform and Registration Sub-center needs to complete the production and activation of about 30,000 identity registration cards and the issuance of 120,000 uniforms and equipment before the Opening of the Winter Olympics.The volunteer service time is long and the number of service objects is large, especially in the sprint phase of uniform and certificate issuance, the volunteers work in two shifts, with heavy workload and heavy tasks.Volunteers in zhangjiakou uniform and Registration Center check the inventory data of uniform equipment.The volunteers of Hebei University of Engineering did not make any mistakes from entering the certificate issuing area to receiving the certificate points, verifying and confirming, activating the straps and guiding them to leave the field.Get a identity registration card to receive uniforms and equipment, each set contains 17 kinds of uniforms, equipment, large equipment receive bag, backpack, outdoor sport suit, warm jacket, winter coat, small to warm hat, collar, wool socks, double gloves, most of the time every day for thousands of people out of thousands of kinds of uniforms and equipment.At the Zhangjiakou Uniform and Registration Center, volunteers work carefully and orderly.Certificate printing, cutting, labeling, compound, plastic seal, electric writing, inspection and quality inspection, all processes are responsible for by special personnel;Uniform equipment can be divided into men’s and women’s styles as well as sizes. Clothes, pants, shoes and socks should be matched one by one, and the inventory and distribution quantity should be checked repeatedly to ensure that there is no difference at all.The volunteers have made great efforts behind the tedious work. They have participated in many training and practical operation, and are constantly familiar with the operation method in the simulation and deduction.I enhanced my practical skills through the test matches, summarized, reflected and improved the preliminary work during the observation and practice, and achieved “process integration, data refinement and large-scale production” in the volunteer service work of the Winter Olympics with the training content as the theoretical support.Volunteers hand out uniform collection lists to the recipients.According to the youth League committee of Hebei University of Engineering, the selection and training of volunteers have been carried out simultaneously.A total of 6 rounds of selection were conducted, and candidates were comprehensively investigated in terms of service willingness, English and Chinese communication ability, overall awareness, appearance and behavior, etc.In the interview jointly organized by BoCOG, The Provincial Youth League Committee and the university, 102 volunteers were selected from over 3,000 candidates in reference to the initial training results, which reflected the responsibility and responsibility of Hebei University of Engineering as the source of venue volunteers.The volunteer training of Hebei University of Engineering adopts the mode of “offline training is normalized, online training is oriented, and special training is centralized” to establish a training logic system in an all-round way.The volunteers’ physical fitness and oral English training were integrated into their daily learning and life through long-distance running and group dialogues in simulated scenes every day. Random tests were conducted on the training contents every week. The volunteers’ physical fitness and oral English ability were significantly improved.After arriving at the venue, they received the venue training and their own post training, and only after passing the assessment can they work.Hebei University of Engineering has also reserved more than 30 volunteers to work according to the needs of the Winter Olympics.When volunteers were needed in the field of arrival and departure of Zhangjiakou Competition Area, Hebei University of Engineering immediately sent 16 volunteers to serve this field.Volunteers should receive training on protective clothing before taking up their posts.The arrival and departure work is an important window to reflect the organization and service level of the event, which is related to the first impression of the host city.In the context of epidemic prevention and control, the work of arriving and leaving is facing more severe tests and higher requirements.No matter in which field, volunteers are full of enthusiasm and positive attitude into the work.All along, Hebei University of Engineering has put the training of volunteers’ comprehensive quality into practice. In addition to doing solid professional training, hebei University of Engineering has never relaxed the ideological and political education of volunteers.The school set up a temporary Party branch, the League branch, so that the Party flag and the league flag flying high in the volunteer service line;Young volunteers are encouraged to participate in service practice and strengthen actual combat ability. In 2021, young volunteers of Hebei University of Engineering can be seen in hebei Tourism Development Conference and Hebei Garden Expo held in Handan.They say that to sharpen youth where it is most needed, “silent duty” like a screw is the vivid interpretation of “dedication” in the volunteer spirit.The volunteers of HEBEI University of Engineering said that they should always adhere to the spirit of cooperation of “having the honor to participate in the grand event together with the destiny to participate in the grand event together”, put their original aspiration on action, shoulder the mission, and be heroes of themselves and each other in tough battles.They will follow the example of the “Bird’s Nest generation” of the Beijing Summer Olympics and strive to become the “ice and snow generation” of China.Volunteer’s voice: Winter Olympics volunteer Zhang Chun: At the time of registration, I was excited, more determined, with the heart of enthusiasm, with 1000 hours of volunteer time to prove themselves;During the reserve period, I persevered and took more responsibility. Facing the crossroads of graduation and life choice, I still chose to turn to the Winter Olympics without hesitation.After the post, strive to be the pioneer, go all out, before the temperature measurement point with the warm zhangjiakou throughout the winter.I will fight against the cold, challenge the ice and snow, and contribute my youthful strength to the hosting of the Olympic Games and the development of volunteer service.Gong Yirong, Winter Olympics volunteer:Today’s world is experiencing profound changes unseen in a century. As Chinese youth, we should closely combine our personal destiny with the development of our country. We should give up our responsibilities to others and actively devote ourselves to volunteer services for the Winter Olympics with the firm and persistent spirit of “never relax the castle peak”.With youth and sweat to write out the Winter Olympics to live up to the expectations of the Party, the people’s expectations and the great trust of the nation.Winter Olympics is bound to succeed, success will have me!(Hou Yanning)