The landscape lights by suzhou River, take a look

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City greening city appearance bureau introduction, The Spring Festival night, bright lights, Shencheng landscape lights attracted many citizens tourists.In addition to the two sides of the Huangpu River, the landscape lighting along the Suzhou River also has a unique charm.Let’s get together to see the beauty of the four main sections left huangpu suzhou river huangpu paragraphs with “jing ya soft” as the theme to “shadow” for the media through the contracted and delicate lighting technique and full of narrative design creates a warm, comfortable light environment in 258 XinZha road side wall through illustration, cartoon animation projection to residences in memory, in the form of time on the theme of the integration of the suzhou riverTo express good value for the past, present and future, and for the future of infinite yearning for a piece of green light is aspersed to the ground with light beam lights, fog, machine equipment such as atmosphere to create the combination of light and shadow the swaying dance landscape avenue projection on the trails with projection lamp will be combined with “word” and “shape” visitors on the text of “fields” all the way through feel warmth, heal the heart jing ‘anPeriod of 6.3 kilometers of suzhou river landscape lighting of jing ‘an section of colorful variety of lights, water spray, laser to create “Su He seven scene, a bay scene” in the dim light of night Su He adds a “light” color also for leisure and fitness in the night of citizens to provide a more comfortable environment in kangding butterfly on the road in the east bay park to create “magic psychedelic forest” as the goal, creating magic crystal iridescence treeMagic bottle scenarios such as projection and water curtain show animation display of changping road &bridge – hengfeng luqiao on both sides of the fog, a new system with the combination of light appears hazy spray, refined colour will be dressed up as “worldly paradise” the river north and south viaduct bottom through the latest digital technology to reinforced concrete decoration into the van gogh’s “star” in the 4th floor adopts an yuan road bridge – phuket aura as way of lightingCreate a sense of light and shadow in the moonlight. Changshou Road Bridge – Vision section interweaves two unremarkable buildings in daytime through streamers,Decorated very refined putuo segments of suzhou creek putuo 21 km has only a hyperbolic arched girder footbridge on the suzhou creek, yue yuen bridge is located in the suzhou river near thousand trees along the suzhou creek is closely watched the new landmark of night lights after the “thousand appearance modelling has become a unique scenery line 780 meters of coastline of open public space with the subject of green mirror screen points” in the springYichang Road Fire Rescue Meeting is located at the intersection of Yichang Road and West Suzhou Road. When the night falls, the Old European architecture and the light with full sense of The Times reflect each other, telling the story of century-old struggle Road hongkou Section of Suzhou River Hongkou Section of Suzhou River East from baidu Bridge.West to henan road stretches approximately 900 meters here is located in huangpu river and suzhou river interchange is the huangpu river through the importance of space and ring suzhou river of space transform node here has a unique light blue dream park flower details of curtain wall in the dim light of night show the beauty of a unique fantasy messenger garden convex glass flower bed in the night also presents the different style of the suzhou river lamp scene and the bundAlong the Suzhou River to the Bund from the history to the present and the future of the view of the beautiful night scene of Shencheng let you move?Information: City greening city appearance Bureau editor: Xu Yuer