Play music at home and learn instruments with the help of technical software

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As COVID-19 continues to heat up, many people should form the habit of going out less during this period. If they feel bored staying at home, they might as well try to explore the music field.Thanks to today’s technology, there are some software that can automatically pick out the score of a song, and while it’s not good enough for a remix of pop songs, it’s still pretty cool to pick out the pure background music.If you have learned a musical instrument to a certain extent, you may be faced with the experience that you want to practice playing a certain song, but you cannot find the score through physical channels or online shopping malls. At this time, the power of science and technology can help you relieve your urgent need.Audio analysis techniques, which convert songs or piano-played Music into Music Transcription, are maturing year by year. Although the success rate is still only half for some remixes of popular songs, if there is a little bit of musical theory, having an extra technique to help translate the Music is already very helpful.When you go to Melody Scanner, you can paste the YouTube link directly into the bottom right corner of the Melody Scanner. You can also choose piano, flute, bass, guitar, violin or vocal separation.I test a few songs, if directly paste pop songs (example:강 Korean 니엘(KANGDANIEL) — PARANOIA), out of 5 stars, only 1 was given. First of all, most of the main melods were not detected successfully, and only a few sounds could be heard like the original song. After all, pop songs are more difficult to distinguish after multi-track remixes, so the software that can automatically capture music is not available yet.But if pasted pure piano playing (The Beginning — Ryan Arcand) link, except for some notes of The beat is not correct, The main melody and high and low notes sound similar to The original song, 5 stars can be given 4 stars.However, only the first half of the music translated by the site is available, and the second half can be accessed by paying members.If you normally hum a tune or press a melody on a keyboard on a whim, you can log on to Scorecloud, a music writing app that automatically transcribes your thoughts into music.At the same time, the software also supports MIDI files to score, all music format files can be converted into MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface, music Digital Interface), there are many legal and free resources can download MIDI files on the network,Just find something you want to practice and send it to Scorecloud.If you still can’t find the MIDI files you want to practice on the Internet, you can convert MP3, MP4, and other formats yourself using Anthemscore (which costs, with a free one-month trial), along with the existing MuseScore app.Enter Anthemscore’s software interface and click file → Preferences. In the second box, choose “Open score” and select “Use an external program,” and search for the MuseScore software installed on your computer.You throw Anthemscore into the music file and wait for it to parse the MIDI file, which automatically jumps to MuseScore and opens up a fresh staff. The results are similar to Melody Scanner, and multitrack remixes of pop songs are better left to a pro, but if you’re interested,MuseScore has a number of features that allow you to edit and write your own music, just like the machine has handed you a draft, and then you can train your music skills and modify the notes as you listen.MuseScore files can be stored in PDF, PNG and MIDI formats, and the software has a Chinese interface. It has always been free to use.If operating software or the web on your computer is a bit too much for some people, today’s mobile apps can help too.Apple has some great music apps, such as The ScoreClou Express, that hum a melody into the phone and automatically generate a staff, along with keys, beats, and elevations.A few years ago, YAMAHA released chord Tracker, a song capture App for your phone. It opens the audio on your phone to help you capture chords. The App also displays the guitar and piano chords for a song at the bottom.Conclusion Of course, these audio analysis websites or software like Google translation of various languages, you can find most of the meaning, but the grammar may not be completely correct, it is suggested that beginners who want to learn Musical Instruments seriously or find a teacher for the foundation, after all, a solid basic skills is very important.(First image: Pixabay)