Li Jinqiang deployed the long holiday return peak and extreme weather to ensure smooth work

2022-06-21 0 By

On February 5th, the fifth day of the first lunar month, Li Jinqiang, deputy mayor, party secretary and director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, went to the traffic police Detachment command center of the municipal public Security Bureau to dispatch the city’s snow and ice weather to ensure smooth and safe work.Li Jinqiang comrade first listened to each county bureau and the highway traffic police brigade of road traffic safety within their respective jurisdictions, passenger vehicle transport, police forces, and take the snow slippery accident prevention measures such as report, and on behalf of the city bureau party committee to still hold to work during the festival people auxiliary police condolences and thank, request everybody to continue to carry forward in dingxi tiejun spirit of public security,We will do a good job in responding to extreme weather and ensuring road traffic security during the Spring Festival return peak.Li Jinqiang comrade points out that the current near the lunar New Year holiday end, the people travel peak has arrived, and extreme weather, bao tong bao chang bao peace mission is more heavy, for us to do a good job of road traffic safety management bring great challenge, the city road traffic safety of the public security organ to tightens this string,The more to the critical moment, the more we must maintain a clear mind and a strong sense of responsibility, let not the slightest paralysis of carelessness, the implementation of the measures to protect the safety of the tongchang chang fall in place, practical people’s police “hard index” in exchange for the people’s “peace index”.Comrade Li Jinqiang request, the city’s public security organs to implement the road traffic safety regulation of responsibility, will quickly area of road traffic safety to traffic report, the party committees and governments give full play to the government as a whole ZhuaZong party committee, dispatching command, emergency safeguard, each county was set up to immediately respond to travel peak and extreme weather bao chang work leading group, strengthen organizational leadership,Make solid emergency plan, rely on solid work responsibility, mobilize all police smell “snow” to move, go all out to ensure the safety of the masses.To strengthen and highways, executives, emergency rescue departments coordinated, for the first time send to relevant department prompt letter, take active road snow antiskid and accident rescue measures, such as fight happened a long time a wide range of traffic congestion problem, at the same time for the implementation of traffic control and the beijing-kowloon railway passenger transportation class line, etc., actively cooperate with related departments to strengthen the propaganda of mass travel guide,Strengthen humanized law enforcement, rational law enforcement, flexible law enforcement, eliminate negative emotions of the masses, to avoid negative public opinion.It is necessary to further strengthen the mechanism of information reporting and unimpeded sharing, strengthen joint management and information sharing, timely release of road traffic operation conditions to the public, and ensure unimpeded travel in a timely manner when conditions permit.To strengthen rural road traffic safety management, give full play to the “two standing member” persuasion, the patrol work, mobilize grass-roots organization forces, in some sharp steep slope, water flow velocity in the cliff, such as area, clear snow as well as the accident prevention measures actively, rural road police station to do the entire persuasion, timely, early warning system for vehicles hint guide the driver driving slow,Ensure safe and orderly traffic on rural roads.In addition, Comrade Li Jinqiang also required public security organs at all levels to strengthen the care of front-line traffic police, auxiliary police, strengthen the law enforcement and duty safety protection equipment, strengthen education and inspection supervision, to prevent traffic police, auxiliary police enforcement and duty safety incidents.