Park enterprise joint efforts to grasp the project xing industry

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Changsha Evening News all media reporter Wu Ling, Li Guangjun, Zhou Bin, ke Ming, the correspondent of the First Spring Festival will drum up energy, after the festival start confidence.On The 8th, after the “first meeting of changsha New Year”, the major industrial parks in Changsha held mobilization meetings one after another, optimized project services, and the leading enterprises accelerated product delivery, grasped the project and revitalized the industry with the momentum of the tiger, sprint the annual development goals, to help implement the strategy of strengthening the provincial capital, show the strength of the park and highlight the performance of enterprises.Changsha High-tech Zone recruitment team rushed to Xiangxi for enterprises to “go!Send posts to places where people need them!”In recent days, from Hunan SAN ‘an semiconductor, Jiuzhitang and other six enterprises in charge of recruitment and personnel bureau of Changsha High-tech Zone (Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security) staff, came to Cili County, Yongding district, Huayan County, Longshan county, to carry out the “spring breeze action” and labor cooperation activities.”Recruitment teams” sent 3,164 jobs to the four regions in eight days, sending the “employment spring breeze” deep into the mountains.”We are mainly recruiting workshop operators, there is no hard requirement for education, job seekers can adapt to the shift and dust-free workshop work environment, the New Year hope to recruit more insight to join our hunan SAN ‘an semiconductor family!”Hunan SAN ‘an semiconductor recruitment director told reporters, although the recruitment is general, but the five insurance and one gold, working meals, accommodation, birthday benefits, year-end bonuses and so on, Hunan SAN ‘an semiconductor will be rich in corporate culture, perfect salary structure to attract everyone to join.It is understood that Changsha high-tech Zone “fast hand” first, in advance for the aid enterprise recruitment built a “bridge”.In addition to the six companies recruiting on-site, zoomlion and other high-tech zone flagship companies also opened online applications, with 90 companies offering 5,574 positions to choose from.In addition, the recruitment will provide on-site recruitment interview “one-stop” service, in the form of “employment through train” to local towns and villages near the centralized pickup, to achieve “out of the house, on the car, into the factory door” precise service.At the same time, the employment tracking service will be strengthened. For the workers who come to join the recruitment teams of enterprises after the Holiday but fail to get employment, the evaluation of different cases will be carried out, so as to truly deliver the posts to the places and people in need.In the first half of this year, Yongshan Lithium was officially put into operation, which is located in Tongguan Industrial Park, Wangcheng Economic Development Zone. It is a key project for Shanshan To lay out new energy industry.”We have not stopped work for a single day since the ignition test production in December, and the Spring Festival is no exception.”Dai Ziyi, head of Yongshan Lithium workshop, said the project’s output has been climbing.Yongshan Lithium has a total investment of 3 billion yuan, covering an area of 360 mu, signed in 2019, laid the foundation in April 2020, capped in July 2021, ignition trial production in December 2021.It is estimated that the output value will reach 3 billion yuan in 2022, and the annual output value will exceed 6 billion yuan and the annual tax will reach 400 million yuan.After the full operation of Yongshan Lithium, it will fill the gap of changsha advanced energy storage materials industry and promote the formation of a closed loop of the industrial chain.It is understood that the 40 single buildings of Yongshan Lithium are built by customized process, which must be partitioned for construction and advanced step by step.In order to smoothly carry out the project construction, the park and the enterprise work all the year round, overcome the impact of multiple waves of epidemic disease and continuous rainy weather, only one year to achieve the one-time completion of 40 non-standard single buildings, 18 months to build a 25,000 ton lithium salt factory, and such a volume of engineering, the industry generally need 2 to 3 years.”We will be officially operational in the first half of this year.”9 afternoon, the reporter in an interview in enterprises, the company general manager Dai Xiaoyu introduction, yong Chinese fir LiYe USES the independent research and development, the national leading method of the fourth generation of ore lithium salt production device, not only can create 100% high purity level, battery grade lithium products, also implements the produces about 100% of the waste recycling, truly achieve “zero emissions, zero pollution”,Yongshan Lithium has become the first lithium salt enterprise in China built in accordance with the national ultra-low environmental emission standards. The process quality and environmental design of the enterprise have been highly recognized by BASF and other downstream customers at home and abroad.On the morning of 8th, 300 sANY pumps, on-board pumps, mixers, dump trucks, pavers and levellers with a total value of 230 million YUAN set off at the same time, leaving the gate of all sANY factories and running to all parts of the country like a tiger, beating the drum of sANY 2022 “Red year of the Year”.At the starting site of Changsha Park, 66 sets of “World pump King” rumble to the inspection, just like a soaring dragon, magnificent.The products shipped this time cover 37 meters, 43 meters, 56 meters and other star pump trucks, more S series pump truck vigorously support, most of the six new products.With a number of pioneering technologies in the industry, S series pumps have been widely praised and praised by sany customers.At present, sany has been the world’s leading brand in the production and sales of complete sets of concrete machinery for 12 consecutive years.On the same day, Sany Shaoyang Industrial Park, Sanyi Ji Huayuan Industrial Park, Zhongyi Industrial Park and Changde Industrial Park also got off to a good start, sending a new sany mixer, dump truck, paver, grader and other equipment to all parts of the country.During the Spring Festival, in order to meet the market demand, the “lighthouse factories” of sany Changsha, Shaoyang, Yiyang, Changde, Loudi and other major industrial parks were brightly lit. Industrial workers kept working hard and gave full play to the advantages of intelligent manufacturing to ensure that the first batch of products were delivered as scheduled.Mr. Chen Jing, senior vice general manager of Sany group and general manager of engineering Vehicle marketing company, said that Sany would adhere to the spirit of “strong and rigorous work, and will contribute to the construction of China.