Opening summary | February the second week of Changsha 4 set of newly opened Fubei State-owned enterprise pure new set of the first results bright

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Changsha new house market continues to slump, last week there was zero presale.According to Hunan Zhongyuan Data Platform, there was no new supply last week (February 7 – February 13), with 426 units of first-hand residential transactions covering an area of 56,300 square meters.According to incomplete statistics of Changsha Leju House purchase, last week, a total of 4 projects in Changsha new house market opened and pushed, 769 houses entered the market, both demand and improvement can be met, the details are as follows:In the second week of February, Changsha 4 New Guangrunfuyuan first launched 12#, 13# construction surface about 116-144 flat rough housing on February 13, the average price of 9000 yuan/flat, cost-effective, the project wechat public account announced that the first day of opening of the deconversion rate was 88.5%.The project is created by Hunan Investment Group Co.,Ltd. Small residential area, is a new product after guangze shangyuan, state-owned enterprises guarantee, with school and business, daily life supporting basic meet, the living environment is more pure.From the planning point of view, the project covers a total area of about 135 mu, building about 400,000 square meters, planning 13 residential buildings, 1 kindergarten, 1 primary school, street commercial and other supporting facilities, the construction period of about 36 months.In the residential area, there are 1,072 households with 1,085 parking Spaces, with the ratio exceeding 1:1, and parking is basically not tense in the later period.The buildings adopt the board floor design with high comfort level. Between 19-27 floors, the overall layout is enclosed with a spacing of 40-200 meters. The new Chinese theme style garden landscape is adopted to surround the buildings, with a green rate of 39.58%, a volume of about 2.96%, and a high livable index.Jifa Jiuzhou and Xi entered the market for the first time as pure new offer. On February 13, they first launched the small high-rise 133-176㎡ blank products of building 15#, 19#, 21# and 21#, totaling 202 sets. 76 sets were subscribed on the opening day, with a reduction rate of 38% (as of 21:05 on the opening night).There are many projects for sale in the new city section of high-speed railway, and the competition is fierce.The project plans 21 residential buildings in total, which is the first new Chinese residential building in the high-speed railway New Town.In terms of transportation, the distance of high-speed railway South Station is about 1.2km. You can take subway Line 2 and line 4 and maglev Express at south Station.In terms of educational supporting facilities, the project has built a kindergarten of 6 classes, with lijun Primary School and Yali Yuhua Middle School nearby, etc. In terms of commercial facilities, there are high-speed railway Wuyue Plaza, Poly MALL and other commercial facilities.The project was the first batch of concentrated land supply and transaction last year. It took 7 months from the land acquisition to the opening of the development cycle, obtaining 5 small high-rise residences in total, and only 3 were sold at the opening.Due to the fact that the school’s supporting facilities have not been settled yet, the customer resistance is high, and the customer retention period is long in the early stage, and the customer stickiness is not high: the overall situation of initial opening is not good.Generally speaking, January and February are the traditional off-season, and the overall market is expected to remain low in the short term, so buyers can wait and see.