Foreign athletes bask in the snow in the Winter Olympic Village fun moments: snowball fights, watching and building snowmen

2022-06-20 0 By

Beijing, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) — As the year of the Tiger began its first snowfall on February 13, the Winter Olympic Village in Beijing was covered in snow and snow, looking particularly beautiful.Foreign athletes in the Olympic village have taken to social media to share their happy moments in the snow, taking photos of snow, having snowball fights and watching volunteers build snowmen.Canadian athlete Mark McMorris posted a video on social media site Instagram on Monday showing himself walking in the snow and then focusing on volunteers building snowmen.He added the caption “Snow day” to the video and paired it with two smiley faces.Estonian skier Kylie Hildaru posted photos and videos of the Olympic village in the snow.Us hockey player Hilary Knight posted a photo of herself and her friends posing with the Olympic rings in the snow and a video of the US team having a snowball fight.In the video, members of the US delegation appear to be having a great time picking up snow on the ground and making snowballs at each other.(Overseas network zhang Ni) source: China Youth network comprehensive overseas network