China works!The British Prime Minister has made a u-turn on China and wants to restart the China-UK business conference

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suffered a crisis of confidence.It has been reported that Johnson took the lead in breaking quarantine rules by attending parties during the outbreak.Johnson was forced by public opinion and other parties to admit the incident and apologize to the public, but this did not quell the anger of the public, and now even within his own party are calling for Johnson to step down.As the “party door” storm continued to ferment, Johnson began to turn his eyes to the Taiwan issue, trying to use the Taiwan issue to divert the public’s attention, but the British people did not buy it.Now Johnson’s attitude towards China has changed 180 degrees and he has been sending positive signals to China.In recent years, the UK has been promoting clean energy and increasing its use of clean energy.Affected by various factors such as the unstable supply of clean energy, Britain has long faced an electricity crisis.Britain has been forced to revive nuclear power in order to solve its power problems.Many of the big nuclear power projects in The UK are controlled by EDF, and the French company has a lot of cooperation with CGN, so some of the nuclear power projects in the UK are equivalent to a trilateral cooperation between China, France and the UK.The Biden administration has been blocking nuclear cooperation with China in order to prevent Chinese nuclear technology from going overseas.In the face of pressure from the US, the Johnson government was tempted to kick CGN out of the UK nuclear programme.However, the UK has suddenly announced that China’s indigenous nuclear power technology hualong 1 has been officially approved.In other words, the UK will be able to cooperate with Chinese companies in nuclear power.As well as agreeing to allow Chinese nuclear technology to enter the UK market, the Johnson government is also looking to restart the India-China business conference as it seeks to build a more stable relationship with China.British government officials are preparing for a trade meeting with China, according to huanqiu, an affiliation with the People’s Daily Online.The meeting was held annually, but the British government temporarily suspended the meeting in 2018 after relations between The two countries soured over the Hong Kong issue.However, according to the latest news, the china-UK economic and trade conference may be resumed this year.As a matter of fact, China is one of the UK’s important trading partners and the two countries have close economic ties.For China and the UK, regular economic and trade meetings are conducive to promoting bilateral cooperation.Some analysts believe the change in Mr. Johnson’s attitude toward China comes because he is under intense pressure.Since the “party gate” scandal, The foundation of Johnson’s administration is shaky, but Johnson did not reflect on it, but tried to intervene in the Taiwan issue.After Johnson’s move, China quickly signed nuclear cooperation with Argentina.Britain and Argentina have a territorial dispute, and the two countries do not get on well.Now that China is providing more investment to Argentina, Britain is not sitting still.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu