Blockbuster!A Chinese company successfully delivered diesel engines to Thailand. Why does Australia have to sit still

2022-06-20 0 By

Make history!China’s Yan Wengang took bronze in the men’s skeleton bobsled at the Beijing Winter Olympics (photo), winning our first medal in this event.But you know what?This is not only a victory for Yan Wen Port, but also for “Made in China” facilities such as wind tunnel facilities.Just recently, Made in China has once again made history in Thailand, and even Australia can’t sit still.What’s going on here?The delivery ceremony of the first diesel locomotive “tailored” for Thailand by China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) was held at the Ratcha Railway Station in Chonburi Province, Thailand.In fact, on August 31, 2020, CRRC officially signed a contract with Thailand’s National Railway Administration for 50 AC drive diesel engines, which is also the largest single vehicle order in Thai railway history.The 20 diesel trucks delivered this time can be said to be a “tailored” version, suitable for passenger and cargo transportation throughout Thailand, with a loading power of 2,380 kw and a maximum operating speed of 120 km/h.As a matter of fact, this is not the first time that A Chinese company has cooperated with Thailand. As early as 2014, CRRC successfully provided 20 diesel locomotives for Thailand’s National Railway Administration. These “Made in China” locomotives have now become the main freight models on Thailand’s trunk railways.But then again, Chinese companies and Thailand railway bureau cooperation, why Australia is not sitting still?In fact, the fundamental reason lies in the essence of Four words made in China: good quality and cheap price.Not to mention Thailand favors Chinese-made products, even Australia, a developed country, has traveled thousands of miles to take the initiative to purchase.Recently, four high-end diesel engines developed by CRRC have been shipped to Australia.You know, this is an upgraded version, the first generation has been exported to Australia 10 years ago, which is the first time for China to export diesel cars to developed countries.