A brocade flag to the fire brigade, the firemen and what did?

2022-06-20 0 By

A banner, an honor, a responsibility, condenses the people to the fire rescue personnel sincere thanks and sincere feelings.On the morning of February 9th, the 16-character pennant with the words “show one’s skill when in crisis, people’s fire fighting for the people” was sent to the Yanshui Street fire rescue station in Fushun city. At the same time, we expressed our sincere gratitude to all the fire rescue personnel of Yanshui Street Fire rescue station for their hard efforts in the rescue.At 5 o ‘clock on February 1, 2022, a house of fushun Democratic Team 7 caught fire, with a burning gas tank inside.After receiving the alarm, Yanshui Street fire and rescue station has sent 3 fire trucks, 14 officers and fighters rushed to the scene of the rescue.After nearly three hours of hard work by all the fire and rescue workers, the fire was finally put out successfully, protecting other residents around the fire, preventing the spread of the fire, and preventing other serious dangers in time.Thanks and the flag behind more is all the fire and rescue personnel shoulder the heavy responsibility.This highly inspiring and exciting flag is not only a commendation to all the fire rescue staff of Yanshui Street Fire rescue station, but also a recognition and affirmation to the fire rescue team.Liaoning fire will be the people’s encouragement into the great power of the work, continue to carry forward the excellent tradition of fire and rescue team, loyal practice of “loyalty to the Party, through fire and water, dedicated to the people” clank oath, with practical action to make the party at ease, the people’s satisfaction of the security guard!