Today, the system is open!

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The 2022 National Postgraduate enrollment Adjustment service system will be launched on April 6, according to the China Graduate Enrollment Information Website.After the opening of the system, each enrollment unit shall determine the time of releasing the adjustment information according to its own work arrangement.Candidates are requested to pay close attention to the information dynamics and work arrangements of the relevant admission units, submit the application in time on the system, and go through the procedures of confirmation and acceptance as required.Prior to this, the “2022 National online recruitment of master’s degree recruitment intention collection system” was launched on March 31.Candidates who meet the conditions of adjustment and have the intention of adjustment can check the balance of the intention of adjustment through the system in advance and make preparations for adjustment.Are you ready to start filling out your applications?Warm tip: you can first go to the intention collection system to fill in the intention, the system opened 24 hours, under the premise of meeting the conditions, you can directly convert three of the intentions into the voluntary adjustment, saving the time to find the balance of the temporary adjustment and fill in the volunteer oh!There is another thing that candidates need to pay attention to: generally speaking, there are many users in the first 4 hours after the opening of the online recruitment service system, but in fact, the recruitment unit each open recruitment lasts for no less than 12 hours, we suggest staggered peak registration.Recruitment units also need at the earliest 12 o ‘clock on April 6, just began to adjust the system feedback whether to agree with candidates to participate in the second test (that is to say, 12 o ‘clock on April 6 before filling in the volunteer, are 12 o ‘clock after it is possible to receive the notice of the second test, and the time sequence of candidates submitted voluntary adjustment has nothing to do).So, each examinee, fill the time that adjusts volunteer to you is enough, do not rob a net, do not rush time, what you need is to inquire in advance adjust plan balance, find suitable adjust college, calmly enter oneself for an examination.As for the adjustment of postgraduate entrance examination, you need to pay attention to the following points: 1, whether the personal score crosses the line, whether it meets the adjustment conditions determined by the provisions of enrollment management, whether it meets the requirements of the professional discipline category, the requirements of the preliminary examination subjects, whether it meets the adjustment conditions of the transfer to the university;2, in the process of adjustment, candidates should always pay attention to the recruitment unit in its college information column or other channels issued adjustment method;3. Prepare the venue and equipment for the second interview and make psychological preparations.Once again, according to the “2022 National Master’s Degree Recruitment Management Regulations”, the recruitment units accept all the adjusted candidates (including candidates from other units),Must be through the Ministry of Education designated “national master enrollment adjustment service system” (ex-college students soldiers additional score project examinees, enjoy minority policy examinees can be excluded).Please pay attention to the protection of personal privacy in the process of adjustment, do not easily disclose their contact information, apply for a volunteer, xuanxin network account and other information to others, beware of being cheated!Source: editor: Zhou Yun Proofread: Zeng Bin Review: Yang Bangqiang