Conjugal love has every day, Zhang Jizhong makes charming wife chivalrous female, the next step is film and television drama female one?

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In the old generation of “pet wife wild devil”, Zhang Jizhong is certainly worthy of NO1?What things are thinking about his wife, shoot a paragraph, live, eat, everywhere can not leave Du Xinglin.Outsiders are not optimistic about this “father-daughter relationship”, but the fact that they live a good life is the envy of most married couples.This is not, recently, heard zhang Jizhong to play their own natural director, to his wife shot a martial arts short film, perhaps for his wife’s future debut.You have to admit, Zhang Jizhong is best at martial arts dramas, from the Swordsman to Tian Long Ba Bu, to The Legend of the Condor Heroes, all famous martial arts dramas.From the exposure of the photos, Du Xinglin’s dress inherited zhang Jizhong’s martial arts style.With a long sword in hand and a bamboo hat in his head, he is a Qing from Jin Yong’s novel Yue Nvjian. He is not only beautiful, but also has excellent fighting skills.Du Xinglin used to be an assistant, can only watch other people filming, but he did not have the blessing, now married to a big director, with a sword to play a role is the first time.Perhaps each of us look at the standard of happiness is not the same, Du Xinglin may worship a mature and stable man since childhood, and Zhang Jizhong get along with so long, work together every day, must be zhang Jizhong on some characteristics deeply attracted her.In the past, when Zhang jizhong shot the Swordsman and Tianlong Eight Bu, Du xinglin and he were not married and could not enjoy such treatment.If at that time two people are husband and wife, that with Zhang Jizhong “pet wife crazy devil” attributes, will certainly give the delicate wife to arrange a suitable role.Let’s not mention the acting, on du Xinglin’s appearance, or very consistent with the image of the woman.You know, back then, there were a lot of actresses vying to play Zhang Jizhong, some big names, and a lot of bad news.In the mainland, Zhang Jizhong’s wuxia dramas belong to the upper class. You probably can’t pick another director who is better at wuxia dramas, I mean in the TV field.So, Liu Yifei, Zhou Xun, Fan Bingbing and others have worked with him. Are these actresses big enough?But now it’s different. Zhang jizhong has a wife, and when he gets old, he has lost interest in those messy things.It would be satisfying to marry a wife 30 years younger at the age of 70 and have three children.At this time, as long as Zhang Jizhong is still filming, the heroine must let the daughter-in-law first, if Du Xinglin wants to debut female number one, that Zhang Jizhong must hold.Zhang Jizhong is a smart man, at this age to make his wife happy is the most important.Old age, the life everywhere needs person to take care of, the other party age is so light, endowment send to die that is inevitable.What fame and wealth, what glory and wealth, for a 70-year-old grandfather has no use.Today Du Xinglin shot a short film, that tomorrow it is possible to debut as a female number one, Zhang Jizhong will unconditional support, since the beginning of this, I believe that Du Xinglin’s female number one is not far away.