Zhuang Zhou and Marx met in my mind, from Poding, Beijing Winter Olympics, to the future of communism

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On January 24, 2022, In my mind, Zhuang Zhou and Marx meet.Zhuang Zhou was a Chinese philosopher and writer in the Warring States Period.Marx was a German philosopher, and I was a teacher at a party school.Zhuang Zhou did not speak classical Chinese, Marx did not speak German or English, and they did not speak Esperanto between them, but a meeting of consciousness.On the evening of January 24, 2022, Zhuang Zhou and Marx met in my mind.Zhuang Zhou did not speak classical Chinese, Marx did not speak German or English, and they did not speak Esperanto between them, but a meeting of consciousness.I am certainly a disciple who speaks of my imagination, just as Wang Yangming did in his Imagining the Five Classics.First of all, I will report my learning experience of Paoding Ding Niu to Mr. Zhuang Zhou.Mr. Paoding, jie Niu agile movement, rhythm bright, accurate, jie niu skills, is really perfect.The spirit and pursuit of “Tao” contained in the art of ox dissection has been passed down through time and space, which is admirable.Marx looked at me and said quietly that labor created man.Paoding should be a laborer, to be precise, an artisan and manual laborer.> First of all, labor is the process of interaction between man and nature, and the process of material transformation caused, adjusted and controlled by man’s own activities.”> < p style =" max-width: 100%; clear: both; min-height: 1em;"> < p style =" margin-top: 0pt; margin-bottom: 0pt;I saw That Mr. Zhuang Zhou was so confused about "labor" that he didn't know why. So he explained to the old man that "labor" in modern Chinese is a modern Chinese word, derived from the Spanish word "labor", which refers to physical labor.He said that from the old man's description of paoding, we can see that paoding was a laborer: (1) Labor is "the process of human and natural material transformation caused, adjusted and controlled by human's own activities".After paoding "break" the ox, the original living ox body has been cut and separated according to the predetermined target, so breaking the ox is labor.(2) The purpose of Labour is "man's possession of natural substances in forms useful to his own life".The carcass of the paoding cow could be eaten or sacrificed, so the purpose of this activity met Marx's definition of labor.(3) labor is "the natural force of man on his body -- arms and legs, head and hand movement", ha ha, this is too good for paoding Niu, "hand touch, shoulder lean, foot shoe, knee deformity", is exactly what Marx said.(4) of Marx's "das kapital", said the labor can make intelligent * * * * workers significantly change and ascension, it is just like the old man said, my, in the first three years is "sees only the cow", after three years is "never see all cattle", and to practice after 19 years more to "to the god meet but not to the visual realm.I quote Marx to Mr. Zhuang Zhou, "When by this movement he acts on and changes nature outside him, he also changes his own nature.He brings to life the dormant potentialities of his own nature, and sees to make the action of them his own."Zhuang Zhou Bi Jing, a senior philosopher, immediately took heart and said, "Just as Mr. Marx said:" Paoding played his own potential -- the potential sleeping in his own nature in the digestion of cattle, and finally the digestion of cattle reached the "like the earth".This process took more than nineteen years.Calculated by 19 years, his total career reached 6935 days (365 days x 19 years =6935 days);As a result, he had to kill a cow every two or three days (6,935 days + 3,000 cattle =2. 3 days per year, 365 days per year).I was very excited, as if discovering a new continent, like the water of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, the sky surging: paoding after 19 years of quenching, technology has been excellent, paoding has achieved artistic beauty.I read "Paoding Cleiniu", eyes see is the hands, shoulders, feet, knees with coordination of the whole body movement, like a dance;What the ear listens to is or "bi Ran" (Hua), or "ring ran", or "jiao Ran" (huo), or "mou Ran" (hub), high and low change, strewn at random have send, rich sense of music!The solution of the ox was a bloody thing, but this paoding to do, if its posture dance, if its voice song, "in tune with the" Mulberry Forest "dance, is the" First "will" live evolved into a beautiful song and dance performance!In Das Kapital, Marx praised the skill level of Indian handwork textile industry as "incomparable", and this praise should be deserved by paoding as well!Marx's eyes glistened and he told me that Hegel's Aesthetics proposed that "art is very close to handicraft industry", and Hegel even thought that the artistic quality of some classical handicraft works reached the realm of "genius".Hegel was keenly aware that the secret of ancient crafts lay in the "art of touch".I said excitedly that Hegel's "art by touch" is his skill realm of "meeting with god rather than with sight".This is the discovery and development of the potential of laborers to realize their own sleep in the long work.Paoding jianiu, swing freely, not only can not see the sweat like rain of fatigue, and it seems to not spend a little strength, as light, become a very pleasant thing.Mr. Zhuang Zhou nodded and said that his movements after taking the knife also proved this point. "Standing with the knife in hand, looking around for it, smirking with ambition for it, he hid the knife well."Hearing Mr. Zhuang Zhou's words, my heart turned 180 degrees and suddenly fell to the bottom of the cliff.How many people in their own labor, not to affirm their own, but deny their own;Not to feel happy, but to feel unfortunate;They are not free to use their physical and mental power, but to suffer from mental torture or suffering, physical torture or consumption.Laborers and paoding are on the contrary, feel comfortable outside of work, feel uncomfortable while working;We feel comfortable when we are not working, and uncomfortable when we are working.Marx's broad forehead gleamed with wisdom: Labour created man himself, and under the conditions in which capitalism dominated the world, Labour was alienated.Labor is not the satisfaction of a need, but a means to the satisfaction of those needs in addition to labor needs.I explained to Mr. Zhuang Zhou that people today only feel they are moving freely when they are using their animal skills, that is, when they are eating, drinking, making love, procreating and living.And in the exercise of human functions, he feels that he is only an animal.Compared with his cook, today's human beings are so pitiful.Marx taught me that the human nature is free and conscious activity, but under capitalism, the human nature becomes the means to maintain the individual's survival.I told Marx I was a Member of the Communist Party.Marx's vision was profound and he looked far away: to realize communism was to realize the complete liberation of all human feelings and characteristics.With an Epiphany from Marx's wisdom, I said: These feelings and characteristics, both subject and object, are called human.Eyes become people's eyes, ears become people's ears.It goes without saying that the enjoyment of the human eye is different from that of the wild, inhuman eye, and the enjoyment of the human ear is different from that of the wild ear.Zhuang Zhou said, I lived in the Warring States Period.The Zhou dynasty existed in name only and its vassals were divided.With frequent wars and social unrest, the people are in dire straits.I told Mr. Zhuang Zhou that your thoughts had a great influence on later generations.You inherited and developed Lao Zi's theory of "Tao", and formed the situation of Confucianism, Ink and Taoism at that time.Later, he became one of the three masters of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism and influenced China for nearly 2000 years.What I can tell you is that the Chinese people have found the Tao, which is Marxism.The future of human society is communism!Marx said to us: socialism has not failed China, And China has not failed socialism.People from all over the world meet in Beijing, go to the Winter Olympics, the world and China, together to the future!Zhuang Tong said, the road is long and the line will come, line and stop, the future can be expected!I said, please great mentor, Chinese sage rest assured, strong state I!United until tomorrow, Intna Shonar must achieve.