You hao Ran gradually become an outsider, compared to the two “brothers and sisters”, where is he worse?

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Once “Home with Children”, accompanied a lot of people’s youth, Song Dandan, Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi, you Haoran and other people, presented the family, is the memory of an era.Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi, who started out as child stars, are still active on the screen, shedding their former youth and becoming one of the most promising actors, while You Haoran seems to have been pressed on the pause button.Three people running at the same starting point, why he fell off the team, lukewarm for years, his problem is far more complicated than imagined.Compared with Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi, You Haoran’s starting point is very high. When he did not enter the “Home with Children” theater, he had already been branded in the audience’s mind with a public service advertisement, holding the water to wash his mother’s feet.You haoran was already 8 years old when the film “Family with Children” was shot. When many people were still playing in the mud, he had become a child star on the screen and became popular among thousands of families.But once is past after all, everyone should live in the present, Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi wind fresh water rises, regard younger brother as you Hao ran, the audience is also very expectation, but it seems that in recent years, his development is not very satisfactory.Looking at the career of two people on the rise, perhaps You Hao ran also anxious, but fate is such a creation to get people.The same starting line, not the same results, while others enjoy praise, their reduced to become “foil”, this is a sad thing.A role wandering in the entertainment circle is the biggest insult to an actor, unable to break through himself, but also the most painful thing in your heart.No matter where walk, people can feel he is only “light rain”, in the witness of time, you Hao Ran step by step star way bleak.As an actor who lives on his laurels, perhaps his experience makes people feel sympathetic, and everyone does not deny his efforts, but the result is unsatisfactory.Can you say that Youhao Ran has no dreams?Apparently, he has been shaking off the child star label since returning to the entertainment industry, but his acting skills have only weakened rather than improved.A lot of people were disappointed when they learned that You hao Ran was cast in The movie With Children.In a very rational way, this is rehash, a sales of feelings, not a breakthrough in acting.”Home with Children” itself is a label, a label you hao Ran can not take off, now he re-paste again, the audience can really accept?If there is really a sequel, I believe that everyone is looking forward to Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi’s performance, absolutely not directed at You Hao Ran.It is a pity that the film is about “uncle waste firewood”, and Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi have no relationship, even if it is feelings, I am afraid the box office will not be ideal.A lot of people are curious, why you Hao Ran will be reduced to such a situation, actually has a lot to do with their own.As the leading actor of “Home with Children”, many variety shows will invite everyone to the show.And you Hao Ran’s embarrassment, seems to confirm his low eq.Although in the early years, you haoran studied to improve his ability, but the entertainment industry is like the workplace, with a high degree can not survive.Once in the sprout out of sprouting out variety show, you’re specially prepared a surprise, for eternal song dan-dan famous YouHaoRan as summer rain played at the time, is the eternal song dan-dan famous son.In the VIDEO, he calls himself “I am your little son,” but Song dandan smiles as if going through the motions. It is obvious that they are not familiar with each other.Followed by Zhang Yishan, without any polite words, a simple greeting, the status between the two people, enough to open the distance.If song Dandan preferred which son, discerning people are very clear, it must be Zhang Yishan.From the details, you can feel the distance, and since the broadcast of “Home with Children”, the three have always been a mother and son, it is clear that Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi have a better relationship with their mother.When Yang Zi did not know where to go, Song Dandan carefully taught, pointed out a bright road, it can be said that Yang Zi’s fame, can not leave the mother.In the program, Yang Zi shared a letter to her mother, from Song Dandan’s eyes, you can feel the love between them.That vexatious “small snow”, had become big coffee, do not have attune “Liu Xing” also counterattack became actual strength actor, be children likewise, why you Hao ran was isolated?In his personal life, he apparently distanced himself from his “family”.They could have helped each other, but they were unusually cold.Now that she has returned from school, she is reduced to a marginalized figure, in stark contrast to her older brother and sister.You Hao Ran also had self-pity, because of the appearance of the reason.In fact, the entertainment circle of human resources, played a key role, if there is no noble support, nameless want to come out, than ascend the sky even more difficult.Everyone in the workplace has their own rules for survival, but You hao Ran is more like an outsider.In front of the law of survival, a person who does not understand the worldly wisdom will never grow up.The old man often says the choice is greater than the effort, why zhang Yishan and Yang Zi career more and more prosperous, you Hao ran defeated.I believe that people in the workplace are deeply aware that there is no casual success in this world.If you hao Ran is smart enough, you should settle down, but now the choice is not helpless, in order to establish a foothold, he carried his most do not want that “bowl”.Does he have any other choice these days?Onlookers think this is a kind of degeneration, for you Hao Ran, perhaps there is no choice of choice.At least acting in the work, there are plays, also can be considered a kind of value.However, if there is no work, it loses its value, which means that the career is put on hold, and eventually becomes an “uninterested” existence.I hope everyone treats this matter rationally, instead of scolding from the top. 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