The water conservancy construction has made outstanding contribution to the flood control and irrigation of the Yarqiang River basin

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In the spring season, Shache County, located on the southern edge of Xinjiang’s Taklimakan Desert, has also ushered in the spring ploughing and irrigation season. With the moist water of the Yehe River, crops will grow strong and healthy.Many people do not know that this is one of the driest regions in China. Through the construction of modern large-scale water conservancy infrastructure, farmers here can get enough water to irrigate according to the time of farming.Yarqiang River basin is the largest irrigation area in Xinjiang and the fourth largest in China.In the past, more than 90 percent of the rural labor force in the Yarkant River basin had to participate in flood control in order to prevent spring floods.More than 14 billion yuan has been spent on the Yarkant River flood control project to ensure that local people are free from floods.The zhengao hydropower project under construction and the Altash hydropower project in operation have played an important role in flood control and irrigation of the Yarqiang River basin.Farmers along the coast no longer have to worry about droughts and floods affecting crop production.Kashi Hualing International Plaza