Kidney is close to “scrap”, 5 performance is very obvious, doctor: prevent kidney failure, do 4 points

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Kidney is the important of the human body exists, is equivalent to the “engine” of a car, people in the kidney is enough, hormone levels in secrete exuberant, people will show the vigor of state, when renal abnormalities, affect the body’s mental state, is not conducive to the overall operation of the body, the function of kidney failure is not achieved overnight, in addition to age,Mostly begin from nephropathy, because there is no timely treatment, bring about development into renal failure, also adumbrative kidney function can hardly play a role again, should cause to take seriously.Renal close to “scrap” five performance obviously 1, lumbago aggravate the kidney distribution of people on both sides of the waist, if the kidney dysfunction, cause lumbar discomfort, may appear the phenomenon such as back pain, muscle weakness, if people do not get by other injury at the waist pain, should be caused take seriously, may be a kidney “warning” at you,Check kidney function in time.2, abnormal water metabolism kidney has metabolic function, is responsible for the excess water into urine discharged from the body, if the kidney disease, renal function decline, can not perform normal work, excess water retention in the body, will cause the symptoms of swelling of the limbs, to see a doctor as soon as possible, don’t be careless.3, nocturia increased kidney also belong to the urinary system, responsible for making the urine and kidney function under the condition of normal, people saw the number of night urination can’t more than 2 times, when the kidney lesions, it cannot play its enrichment renal function, can appear nocturia increased, serious is like a play, affects people’s sleep and state of life.4, nausea and vomiting may be some people think that frequent symptoms of nausea and vomiting in the kidney and pull not top relation, mostly is intestines and stomach disease, in fact, when people of abnormal kidney, kidney function decline, the body of toxins and waste is not out of the body in time, more and more as the toxin inside body, may lead to metabolic acidosis,This leads to frequent nausea and vomiting.5, high blood pressure kidney when run properly, level of endocrine balance inside body, can in a timely manner to excess water and sodium ions out of the body, promote the health of the kidneys, when renal function failure, the metabolic ability and regulate ability almost ceased to exist, water retention in the body, affect the regulation of blood pressure, and appear the phenomenon of high blood pressure.Doctor: prevention of renal failure, 4 healthy eating diet is the main channel of access to energy and nutrients, is also the root of cause various diseases, if often eat salty food at ordinary times, against kidney health food, such as high sugar diet, and can lead to kidney problems, if not timely adjust the diet structure, eventually developing kidney failure.Therefore, people should develop good eating habits, daily diet to eat light, more intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, can supplement vitamins and other substances, promote human metabolism, enhance the body’s resistance, improve kidney function.Drinking proper amount of water every day People develop the good habit of drinking proper amount of water every day, can improve the operation of qi and blood in the body, accelerate the metabolism of the body, timely discharge of toxins and garbage in the body, reduce the burden of the kidney, avoid kidney infection, can prevent kidney failure.Want to achieve the ideal effect, drink water every time can add some help kidney health snack materials, “Shennong Materia Medica” records, the mulberry, ginseng, yellow essence, raspberry, yam, medlar, maca, Gordon ox, red dates and other materials, according to a certain proportion with water to drink, strong kidney protect kidney, help improve kidney function.Regular physical examination as we all know, any disease is more prevention than treatment, kidney failure is also caused by long-term kidney disease, therefore, people develop the good habit of regular physical examination, can do to find problems, timely adjustment and treatment, can effectively avoid renal failure.Develop a healthy life the human body has its own immune system, people should develop a healthy life, usually go to bed early and get up early, do not stay up late, give up smoking and drinking, adhere to the right amount of exercise every day, help to improve the body’s immunity, enhance kidney function, play a role in maintaining the kidney.