Guo Zhenggui supervised the Spring Festival on duty to a county and a city to bring a state peace to consolidate the province’s peace

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On January 31, the Lunar New Year’s Eve, Xiangxi State Party Secretary Guo Zhenggui came to the state emergency command center, supervising and dispatching the situation on duty during the Spring Festival.He stressed that to strengthen risk awareness, adhere to the bottom line thinking, in strict accordance with the “leading cadres will sink, dangerous sections will be isolated guard, knock on the door will be full coverage of action” requirements, through a county and a city to bring a state peace, to consolidate the province’s peace.At the prefectural emergency command center, Guo checked the situation of counties and cities and xiangxi High-tech Zone on duty, response to snow, ice and low temperature weather, work safety and epidemic prevention and control by video link.Liao Lianghui, deputy secretary of huayuan County Party Committee and Secretary of Huayuan County Party Committee, joined the video link at the emergency command center of Huayuan County.State committee standing committee, state committee secretary General Xiang Bangwei, Vice Governor Zhou Yanfei, state CPPCC Vice Chairman Song Zongjiang in the state emergency command center to participate in the supervision.Deng Xiaodong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the State People’s Congress, and Chen Wenjun, vice chairman of the State CPPCC, participated in the video link respectively in Guzhang County and xiangxi High-tech Zone emergency command center.Guo visited the command center of the Traffic police Detachment of the Prefectural Public Security Bureau, and the policemen on duty were at the prefectural emergency command center. Guo inspected the situation of various counties and cities and the High-tech Zone of West Hunan on duty, response to snow, ice and low temperature weather, production safety and epidemic prevention and control through video link.He fully affirmed the counties and cities, xiangxi high-tech zone actively respond to snow and ice low temperature weather and the Spring Festival on duty and so on.Guo zhenggui pointed out that it is necessary to pay close attention to the current continuous low temperature rain and snow weather changes, timely monitoring, forecasting and early warning, to the possible adverse impact of research and analysis, targeted arrangements for various work.Will always adhere to the peace, and peaceful work target during the Spring Festival, actively cope with bad weather such as snow, strengthen the key areas to guard against, completes the road slippery, snow ice, low visibility and other emergency disposal work, resolutely curb major accidents, ensure the city road snow does not see the snow, cold mountain snow disaster disaster.Need to insist on duty, stick to the people feelings, strict implementation of leading cadres to work shift, 24 hours on duty in key position and important matters report system, especially leading cadres at all levels to sink on command, under the above rate, in charge of the leadership fanned out wire takes office and responsible, and comprehensively strengthen inspection of all kinds of pipe network, line, facilities, roads, to ensure the water supply, power supply, rob road safety;To deeply understand my state mountain steep steep, narrow and curved road characteristics, all dangerous road will be isolated guard, actively improve the later dredging guarantee, can not be a passive lazy government;To be implemented “knock on the door action” full coverage, close contact with the masses, targeted scientific publicity, enhance safety awareness, ensure that the task is clear, responsibility is clear, the work is real, with the real hard index for the people happiness index safety index.Guo zhenggui inspected the state’s road operation, road traffic and snow cover through road video surveillance, and dispatched the snow clearing work on the spot.Guo Zhenggui also came to the state Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment command center, through the road video monitoring inspection of the state’s road operation and road traffic, snow, and on-site scheduling snow clearing work.