Go deep into the extreme cold and start a journey of ice and snow

2022-06-18 0 By

At present, the domestic is setting off a wave of ice and snow sports upsurge, follow the trend of the development of Beiqi Foton pickup truck is not to be outdone, with the new strategy derived from the high-end pickup gun general to join them.After chongqing, Wanning across the mountains and the sea tests to complete the whole road condition after a number of challenges, yu gun general ready to start, a way to the north about the ice and snow.With the support of advanced intelligent technology and superior power of the same level, the general with the gun will go deep into the extremely cold land of Karaqin to start a unique journey of ice and snow. On the one hand, you can experience the powerful dynamic performance and driving pleasure of the general with the gun on the challenging ice and snow. On the other hand,To show the excellent safety performance and control performance of the commanding general in cold weather conditions and extreme snow and ice road conditions.As the saying goes, “things are precious with scarcity”, when the eyes blunt the design beauty of the traditional pickup truck models, a very trendy and distinctive design language is enough to make the eyes bright.Compared with the products of the same level in the market, the great General with the gun gives full play to the “width advantage”. The body with a width of nearly 2 meters is more high-end in terms of actual size and visual perception.And in the shape design is fit for younger needs, not only will have the national tide elements “The Great Wall” into them, in the body color collocation is also more young.The color matching of PPT orange and WORD blue makes the general with the gun glow with the breath of fashion. Wherever he goes, he is a beautiful scenery line.In addition, the general gun with 265mm wide tire +18 inch large rim, wide tread can increase the contact area with the ground, better grip performance, driving on snow and ice road is more stable.China’s intelligent quality high-end gun general not only has a unique personality in appearance, interior design is also unique, the overall presentation of German large and medium-sized SUV style.Different from the domineering appearance, the interior of the imperial general pays more attention to luxury and comfort.It is equipped with a circular stereo cockpit, 10.25 inches suspended central control screen and 7 inches color LCD instrument panel.At the same time, it is equipped with the latest 4G t-Link system and AI intelligent voice interaction system, which really fits young people’s car habits.Keyless entry, one-button start, open skylight is standard.In addition, in order to improve the comfort of driving for a long time, Yu Gun General is not only equipped with PM2.5 filtering system and automatic constant temperature air conditioning, but also provides 6-way electric adjustable seats for the master driver, which shows the strength of the product.If the appearance level and interior are soft power, the hard power that consumers pay most attention to really highlights the tough guy quality of the commanding general.Even in the face of the unknown depth of soft snow or complex ice and snow road, in the case of poor friction and little adhesion, the commanding general can also ride freely by virtue of the gene of double hundred power.Equipped with 2.0t diesel power that inherits century-old Cummins power technology, it can achieve a maximum power of 120kW and a peak torque of 390N·m. Matched with century-old classic ZF 8AT gearbox, it can ride smoothly in extreme snow and ice road conditions.In addition, the large area of the whole car adopts high-strength steel plate, which meets the C-NCAP five-star safety collision standard and fully protects the driver and passenger.In addition, the gun general is equipped with Eaton differential lock and Borgwarner timely four-wheel drive system, which is able to help him out of trouble in snow and ice complex road conditions.Combined with the already excellent passability of hard parameters, the command gun general is enough to conquer the daunting vast snow mountain, leading the driver to enjoy the flawless snow forest scenery.As the leader of Hard high-end pickup trucks in China, Beiqi Foton cartoon has created a three-dimensional product matrix of the whole scene to meet the diversity of consumer needs.As a high-end pickup tailor-made for young consumers, Yu Pao General not only has a strong driving force and excellent quality, but also satisfies young consumers’ pursuit of individuality and coolness with advanced and efficient Internet of vehicles and original appearance.On February 22nd, a wonderful ice and snow journey will begin. Let’s wait and see what unexpected performance the general with the gun will bring in the face of the extreme ice and snow road conditions.