China golden flower almost back-to-back into the North American sunshine double!

2022-06-18 0 By

This year’s Tournament in Miami, and before that in Indian Wells, was one of the most exciting events of the year, with two future stars of men’s tennis, Alcalas and Rood, finally playing in the Miami final.Lourd has long been known for his prowess on clay, but his first Masters final came on hard court and he beat Serendello 6-4 6-1 in the semifinals to become the first Norwegian player to reach an ATP Masters final.Lourd’s opponent in the final, Alcalas, is one of the new stars of men’s tennis. The 18-year-old Spaniard beat defending champion Jurkac, who had beaten Medvedev in the quarterfinals, in a double tie-break.Alcalas VS Rood, the final matchup means Miami will have a new Masters champion for the second year in a row, looking forward to a showdown of rising stars in the men’s singles final.The women’s competition will also be exciting, as fans will get a chance to see top players compete in the women’s singles final between Swatek and Naomi Osaka.After barty’s retirement, swatek is currently the highest ranked player in the world. With a 16-game winning streak, she has reached three consecutive WTA1000 finals, holding the previous record for winning all of them.Swattak is just one win away from achieving the “North American Sun Double crown”.But today’s hero is a Chinese player, Zhao Xuan Yang, who is famous for her excellent doubles ability. She just finished the women’s doubles semifinal match with Alexandrova of Russia in Miami.In fact, the title of today’s article was originally “China golden flower back to back into the North American sunshine doubles!”Joseph Yang and Alexandrova played in the semifinals against Zvonareva/Sigmund, with the former leading 9-4 from 11 points.Joseph Yang and Alexandrova looked like they were halfway to the Miami women’s doubles final with several match points, but the dogged Zvonareva and Sigmund came back to beat Joseph Yang/Alexandrova.Sigmund and Zvonareva are in their third women’s doubles final together (2020 U.S. Open, 2022 Lyon) and will play Kudmetova/Mertens for the title.Yang Zhao Xuan and Xu Yipan, another Chinese gold flower, won the women’s doubles at Indian Wells last time, defeating The likes of Kichennock/Olalu, Saunders/Dollehead and Cornet/Fernandez.With Yang Zhaoxuan’s 6-3 2-6 11-13 defeat in the semifinals of the Women’s doubles tournament, Yang Zhaoxuan has failed to reach the final of the women’s doubles in the North American Sunshine Doubles tournament on a back-to-back, of course, her performance in the past few weeks has been commendable.(Credit: Home of Tennis by Barbie)