Will China’s “dynamic zero” policy affect world Economic Growth?On April 26, the Foreign Ministry responded

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No country in the world is immune to the COVID-19 pandemic.Thanks to the outstanding leadership of the government and the active cooperation of its people, China weathered the crisis quickly and returned to work within months, achieving steady economic growth and becoming a driving force for the global economic recovery.All this is thanks to the “COVID-19 Zero Out” policy. Early detection, effective treatment and treatment of patients in the shortest time are the advantages of the “COVID-19 Zero out” policy.This will not only protect people’s health, but also curb the spread of the epidemic in the shortest time, so that people can return to normal life.However, such a good policy is seen by some outsiders as a threat to world economic growth, to which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was quick to respond on Thursday.What’s wrong with “COVID-19 zero out”?With the emergence of delta and Omicron strains, the fight against the epidemic has entered a fever stage, with Europe and the United States among the worst in the fight against the epidemic.After the initial success of the fight against COVID-19, people in Europe and the United States chanted “We live in the age of pneumonia, we should learn to co-exist” and gave up “COVID-19 zero”, which made Europe and the United States become the vortex center of the epidemic.With more than 73.22 million confirmed cases and 880,000 deaths in the U.S., Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said, “If this continues, all Americans will be affected by COVID-19.”His remarks are not untractable. The 95.4% new cases of Omicron prove that omicron has become the mainstream virus in the United States, and its strong stealth and infectivity will further erode the living environment of Americans.At this critical moment, vice President of the international monetary fund, the first in an interview Tuesday said gopinath, 2020202 year China relies on the “new crown reset” really has made remarkable achievements, but at the moment of frequent outbreak, such a policy will not only delay world economic growth, but also can produce very serious consequences for the global supply chain.She concluded by calling on China to re-evaluate its “COVID-19 zero” policy.Facts speak louder than words. China’s current situation can explain everything. Would China still be able to develop so vigorously if there were problems with the “COVID-19 zero” campaign?If you put everything aside, which country in the world did not use “COVID-19 zero” is out of the woods.Gopinath’s statement has no basis, it is just a big empty statement.In response, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian 26 rushed to respond: China has always adopt scientific, comprehensive, effective prevention and control measures, both in the protection of people’s life and health, restore its economic and social development, and in promoting international cooperation in resistance to disease and promote the economic recovery have been a huge success, the world to see.In 2020, China became the only major economy in the world to achieve positive growth.In 2021, China achieved a high economic growth rate of 8.1%, and its GDP reached 17.7 trillion US dollars at the annual average exchange rate, continuing to lead the development process of global recovery.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu