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You have many dreams, but you don’t know which one belongs to you, just like a bubble blowing on the broken;Working and living, but feeling empty thoughts, always picking the edge of the ideal;Learn to be alone, but full of boring and uninteresting;Clearly see the sun, but do not know where the north is… is this a state of chaos?The development of life will be a process of chaos, there will be disorder, chaos, there will be order, profound moments.No matter where, no matter what age, people can be chaotic.If at a certain stage or moment, you suddenly start a divergent, convergent, orderly flow, and have a profound thinking about yourself and the world, you will no longer be confused.Chaos is not the same as chaos when you’re new to the word chaos, it’s not the same as chaos, it’s not the same as chaos.The English word chaos is called chaos, chaos is not order, chaos is orderly.It can also be understood that chaos is a very profound order hidden in these seemingly disorderly things.What is chaos?Butterflies in South America flapped their wings, resulting in a heavy rainstorm in Beijing. This is the butterfly effect, as we all know.Why is that?Why do you say that?The most important feature of all these uncertain chaotic systems is that a slight change in the input leads to a completely different result at the output.The butterfly effect is the most powerful metaphor for chaos, and if you want to understand what chaos is, you have to understand the butterfly effect.It can be understood that a very small difference at the input can have a huge difference and impact at the output.Chaos, non-linear state The chaotic state comes from a large number of non-linear phenomena in life.For example, when we walk, how hard we push each step, it’s basically a linear force.What is nonlinearity?If we go twice as far with each step as we did with the last step, this is nonlinear.So, after you take a dozen steps, your step may be several kilometers away, and that’s a state called nonlinearity.This is just an illustration of the concept.The characteristic of nonlinear states is that they are very sensitive to the initial state.On the edge of chaos there’s a sand pile here, and then you throw sand on that sand pile.At first the sand doesn’t move, and you keep going up and up and up, and up and up, and up and up, and then at some point there’s a sandslide, and at that point all you’re really throwing down is a few grains of sand.But these grains of sand, interacting with some of the surrounding sand, upset the old balance, and the sand slides down, and then it forms a new balance, and it goes on and it doesn’t move.The state of this edge, is the most interesting, the most worthy of thinking and research, this is the edge of chaos.There are three key concepts in chaos theory, and they are :(1) sensitivity to initial conditions.This feature is often called the “butterfly effect.”A slight change in the initial state of a chaotic system can lead to a huge change in the state of the system through iterative calculus, “by a mile”, which also indicates the difficulty of accurate prediction.(2) Fractals. Fractals are an important concept of fractal geometry theory founded by Mandelbrot, a famous mathematician, which reveals that complex systems also have hidden ordered patterns on static structures.(3) Attractors, attractors are the guide of the system to be fixed to a certain state in the process of evolution. It indicates that the system looks disordered in the process of evolution, but in fact there are some complex ordered states, namely “fixed number”.From the perspective of chaos theory, individual human being is a complex dynamic system, which is also in a complex political, economic, cultural and natural system. There will be forces and reactions between each other.That is to say, it will not only be affected by the outside world, but also affect others and the society.People are responding to changes in input and output variables and multiple factors.Life is unpredictable, life from the beginning of chaos not open state, through growth to the state of faith.In a word, life will have great changes, it is inevitable.When life is chaotic and lost, the cognition of self and the world is not enough, and there is not enough ability and method to think about the direction of life.Just stay on the preliminary judgment of people and things, often there will be mistakes or deviations.When you are searching for directions and ideas, sometimes you will be lost and confused for a short time. At this stage, you will be careful and cautious.Fortunately, I have learned to think in a divergent way, but sometimes I will be complacent about my achievements because of insufficient or fundamental asymmetry of one-sided information. Instead, I will be too optimistic and even arrogant and blind to delay.Even some unrealistic ideas, rushed things, do some impulsive things.I gradually grew up with the distinction between right and wrong in life. Through immersion in work and study, I accumulated rich life experience and knew how to deal with all kinds of things. I had many methods and means to cope with them freely.Weigh the pros and cons, choose to make decisions, form a kind of aggregation thinking.With the depth of thinking about their own life and direction, more and more clear goals, faith, take their own effective actions.Know how to give up unnecessary people and things, pack light, easy life.A man grows up from obscurity, knowing what he wants and what he does not want.For the career and life you want, immerse yourself and move forward with conviction.A study on the Types and Crux of college Students’ Sense of uncertainty in their career zeng WeixiYour praise attention, so that my heart to the sun.Let everyone meet me, because meet me, and better.