Six common foods in life can prevent colds. Do you have them

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We all hope to have good health, but life will inevitably be bumpy, due to the change of the weather, clothing can cause a cold.Mild cold perhaps will return within a week, but the people of poor immunity, in the cold for a long time or not, so for the poor people, constitution, life must be prevent colds, progenitor medical hall today to bring us the common life of six kinds of food can prevent colds, look at your house?These 6 kinds of food can be eaten when catching a cold, recommend what food to everybody catching a cold to eat?Drinking chicken soup can inhibit throat and respiratory tract inflammation, mainly because chicken soup contains a variety of nutrients, can help remove respiratory tract bacteria, improve the situation of sore throat can improve the body’s immunity, prevent the occurrence of a cold, it is recommended to actively prevent at ordinary times.Mint mint in the classification of Traditional Chinese medicine belongs to the common relief of the surface drugs, the main liver and lung two channels, clearing heat and liver, is the commonly used traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of wind-heat cold.Peppermint relieves the symptoms of a cold and can aid in cold treatment.Peppermint is a kind of Traditional Chinese medicine, with good pharynx analgesic, heat clearing and detoxification effect.Eating peppermint during a cold can suppress germs in the body, and also has a good role in protecting the respiratory tract.If a cold is accompanied by a cough, taking peppermint can also help relieve the symptoms of a cough.Loquat has always been a good product for moistening lung and relieving cough. It has a smooth nature, entering the lung and stomach channels, nourishing Yin, reducing fire, clearing lung and resolving phlegm, and treating colds, cough, dry throat and thirst.According to Traditional Chinese medicine, loquat tastes sweet and smooth, can clear lung, produce fluid and quench thirst. It can be used to treat lung heat and cough, dry throat and thirst and stomach qi deficiency.Loquat contains carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin C and so on, which can increase body resistance.Contains malic acid, citric acid and other organic acids, can stimulate the secretion of digestive glands, appetite, help digestion and absorption, thirst quenching and heat relieving effect;Among them, the dietary fiber also has the effect of embellish bowel.In addition, loquat kernel contains amygdalin, can suppress cough expectorant.4. Eat more condiments University of Wisconsin research believes that ginger, dried pepper can help the human body to expel cold viruses, cough and reduce phlegm.Garlic boosts the immune system, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research.Garlic can improve the immunity of cells, is a very good immunity promoter, and garlic extract can eliminate influenza B virus, eating garlic habit can reduce the probability of cold 2/3.Chewing regularly can also reduce the risk of colon and stomach cancer, and adding more ingredients to your cooking can help you get rid of colds sooner.Apple cider vinegar contains a lot of amino acids, acetic acid and other rich nutrients, can improve the liver detoxification and metabolism ability, improve the body’s immunity, reduce the incidence of liver disease, and has a certain role in the prevention of colds, relieve throat pain and discomfort.6 lettuce is rich in iodine, good for the human body metabolism, lettuce leaf than lettuce stem nutritional value is high, cold if cough can eat lettuce leaf cough.Cold is usually the performance of decreased resistance, usually to eat on time, pay attention to a balanced diet to enhance resistance.Exercise every day to enhance physical fitness, go to bed on time, stay up late resistance will decline.Soaking your feet in hot water every night is conducive to sleep. Add clothes properly every day to avoid catching cold.The content of medical science is for reference only, the purpose is to improve the awareness of health care, and the specific diagnosis and treatment shall be subject to the diagnosis of local doctors.This is the end of zu Medical Hall health science sharing, what do you think?If you have other opinions, you can leave a message or a private letter to xiaobian and communicate at any time