Another big fish on the free market?Shandong men’s basketball hurry to move it!

2022-06-17 0 By

It is reported that The Shanghai men’s basketball team has announced a formal buyout of he Zhongda’s contract.This also means, in the next game, any team can sign him, inside line rotation personnel shortage of Shandong men’s basketball team why not try, sign him?He Zhongda, who has played for several TEAMS in the CBA, is also a well-known player in the CBA.Before the start of the 2020 season, Shanghai team introduced He Zhongda who had played in Fujian league after operation.In Shanghai, He has been used to a certain extent, averaging 5.1 points and 3.5 rebounds in 18 minutes per game last season and being a qualified reserve player.However, after entering the new season, The arrival of Li Chunjiang, changed the fate of He Zhongda.Li Chunjiang completely abandoned he Zhongda, this season almost no chance to play.He zhongda, 28, is still in the prime of an athlete’s life. Standing 2.03 meters tall and weighing 97 kilograms, he plays center and power forward on the court.He zhongda is only 2.03 meters tall, which is almost impossible to play at the no. 4 position, let alone at the no. 5 position, and almost all of his opponents are out of position.But he also has his own advantage, that is, outside shooting ability is good.He’s one of those post players who takes a significant percentage of his shots from the perimeter.He’s shooting well from beyond the arc, averaging one 3-pointer per game on 40.5 percent shooting.In addition, most of his other points came from finishing 0.5-1 meters under the basket.In addition, He zhongda also has a certain playmaking ability, can initiate offense after the pick and roll, can also assist teammates to score through accurate passing.Now shandong men’s basketball team, the lack of such a number four.Although the main power forward Jia Cheng has the ability to shoot in the distance, but play too hesitant, not decisive, so the ability to sometimes miss the attack because of too hesitant.And he Zhongda’s strategy is better.Moreover, since he has been bought out, the income of this season has been guaranteed, can be signed with not too high price, Shandong men’s basketball team can try to sign him.If he can join, Shandong men’s basketball power forward will have Jia Cheng, Jiao Hailong, He Zhongda and Gilenwater four, basically can solve the problem of lack of personnel inside rotation.In addition, because once played center, he Zhongda can also occasionally guest, share the pressure of Tao Hanlin.