Two hundred yuan pure grain wine, with these 5 dishes, even drink half a catty to satisfy, good wine also need to accompany good dishes

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Drinking, not only to drink good wine, but also with good dishes.If there is no wine board, it shows disrespect for wine. Even if you are in trouble, you should drink alone with wine and dishes, otherwise you will probably become drunk alone.As China’s liquor market is so large, there are naturally many good wines. Apart from quality, it is only a matter of price.And the wine dish is different, good wine dish is not necessarily abalone, sea cucumber, but must be delicious, must be very with the wine.So what dish, just calculate is good with wine dish?What wine would go well with these dishes?Whether it’s hanging oven peanuts, vinegar peanuts, fried peanuts, or crispy peanuts, peanuts seem to exist for wine.Peanut is the first choice of many wine lovers. Whether in ancient times or modern times, its edible properties associated with wine have never changed much.It’s no exaggeration to say that peanuts are the best dish for drinking.In ancient times, the practice of peanut is relatively simple, but with the continuous improvement of today’s cooking technology, the practice of peanut has become very diverse, the most common are fried peanuts, salted peanuts, salted peanuts, and crispy peanuts.Crispy peanuts are easy to make. They are first fried in oil, then wrapped in egg starch paste, and then fried until golden brown. If you like crispy peanuts, you can fry them again.If peanuts are the eldest brother of the wine dish, then edamame certainly not satisfied.In fact, who first, who second are secondary issues, the main or delicious.Edamame is crisp and has the same natural wine properties as peanut, especially in summer, the barbecue has been made, come to a marinated edamame platter (don’t ask who is fighting, peanut doesn’t want to be with him, ha ha!)., and pour a glass of white wine, do not mention how pleasant.Three: pig head meat drink meat, it is natural.This is too reasonable, first don’t like meat, meat is not delicious, at least drink meat this configuration is worthy of every wine bureau, especially with a cold pork head.Of course, you can have it stir-fried, marinated, etc.Our pig head pork package piece pig nose, ears, head meat, basically a little bigger shandong food store have to sell (except duck neck store).Although most of the pork head meat is marinated, from the perspective of the north and the South, there is a certain difference, the northern pig head meat taste a little salty, soft and glutinous;Southerners prefer crispy taste, so the braising time of braised pork head is relatively short.I cook this dish at least three times a year, and it’s really satisfying to eat it with porridge every morning.Come home again in the evening a small dish, a dish a wine, sleep at night are fragrant many.And the production method is simple, the cost is very low, can be said to be lazy people must learn a wine, food.Just wash 2-3 cucumbers and cut them into strips, then add a little salt to soak the sand out.Finally, wash and pour into the pre-cooked seasoning water, mix well, add millet pepper and marinate overnight in cold storage.Five: big harvest big harvest is a dish that people in the northeast drink, which can be simply understood as dipping pickles, but it is higher than the dipping pickles eaten at home.The home version of this dish does not pay much attention to, wash the vegetables you like and put them together, and then eat them together with big sauce. Personally, I think this dish is better than peanuts to drink, especially green Onions and radish.After that, let’s move on to wine.In fact, self-drinking ration wine doesn’t need to be too high-end, as long as it tastes good and is made from pure grain.Of course, if conditions permit, you can drink Maotai every day, and still that kind of old Maotai!I’m sure there aren’t too many of them.Here for example, I recently often drink two rations of wine, its price is within 100 yuan, and taste and quality as good as those famous brands.Bo Fen fenjiu group, there are two popular best-selling wine, one is the old white Fen, another is huang gai bo Fen 53 degrees.Although there are many brands of Fenjiu, Huanggai Bofen is the real Fenjiu, and it is 100% pure grain wine.This wine is not only a household name in Shanxi, but also sells well all over the country.In addition to quality assurance, the affordable price within 100 yuan is also one of the main factors in its popularity.Zun Ren Taiwan this is a dark horse on guizhou sauce wine market this year, its quality even exceeded a few big brands sauce wine.The entrance of this wine is soft and yellow, because it is pure grain wine, even if you drink too much, you will not have a headache taste.The reason why this wine has such good quality is mainly due to its 10-year base wine, each bottle can taste the taste of age.But because it is a niche brand, not many people know about it.In addition to good quality, the affordable price within 100 yuan is also one of its highlights.The above is all the content of this article to share, welcome friends to discuss in the comments section!This article is edited/original by John Fan, welcome to pay attention to, take you with knowledge!If you do not understand the place, I hope you put forward in the comments area below.If you also like my article, remember to “like” + “follow” + “forward”.