People’s financial review: Proceeding from national conditions and actual conditions, we will ensure the safe and stable supply of energy

2022-06-16 0 By

The National Energy Administration recently issued the guiding Opinions on Energy work in 2022, which put “enhancing supply security capacity” at the top of the main goals. It proposed that we should resolutely complete the set goals of restoring crude oil output to 200 million tons and steadily increasing natural gas output in 2022.We will ensure adequate power supply, with installed power capacity reaching about 2.6 billion kW and peak power generation capacity increasing by over 80 million kW.This has set a clear target for this year’s energy security work.In recent years, China has promoted a revolution in energy supply, forming a multi-wheel drive energy supply system based on coal, oil and gas, and non-fossil energy, which has effectively guaranteed economic and social development and people’s demand for energy.In 2021, China’s raw coal output reached 4.13 billion tons, a record high.Crude oil production was about 199 million tons, rising for three consecutive years.Natural gas output increased by more than 10 billion cubic meters for five consecutive years.On the other hand, we still face many challenges in ensuring a secure and stable energy supply.First of all, China’s dependence on foreign oil and natural gas exceeds 70% and 40%, respectively.In the context of complex international energy supply and demand and large fluctuations in market prices, it is necessary to enhance the elasticity and resilience of energy supply.Second, new energy power generation represented by solar and wind energy is volatile and intermittent. At present, coal power generation still accounts for less than 50% of the installed capacity, produces about 60% of the electricity, and supports more than 70% of the peak load demand. It is difficult to fundamentally change the coal-based energy structure in the short term.For some time to come, with the rapid development of Industrialization and urbanization in China, energy consumption will maintain a rigid growth trend.This also puts forward new and higher requirements on how to coordinate low-carbon transition and supply security.First, stabilize the stock.According to the Opinions, we should strengthen the ability to guarantee the subsistence of coal and power supply, approve a batch of high-quality and advanced coal mines in an orderly manner, arrange a certain scale of supporting power supply to ensure the safety of power supply and regulatory power supply to promote the absorption of new energy.We will continue to step up oil and gas exploration and development, and accelerate the development and application of advanced oil and gas extraction technologies.This will help increase the elasticity and resilience of energy supply, ensure timely supply and stabilize prices in a period of regional and periodical energy supply tension.At the same time, we should increase reserves and maintain reasonable margins. For example, we should strengthen coal capacity reserves and speed up the construction of coastal LNG terminals and underground gas storage, so as to ensure that “food in hand does not panic”.Also do incremental.We will accelerate the implementation of actions to replace renewable energy, and improve the supply system of clean energy such as wind, light, water and nuclear power.”Opinions” clear, vigorously develop wind power photovoltaic.Organize and carry out “thousands of townships and villages controlling wind action” and “thousands of households mu light action” according to local conditions;Make full use of land and roof resources in oil and gas mining areas, industrial areas and industrial parks to develop distributed wind power and photovoltaic.In addition, we will advance the construction of major hydropower and nuclear power projects in an orderly manner and actively develop new energy industries and models.This will provide more green and clean power to ensure a secure and stable supply of energy.Output up, but also need to pay attention to energy transmission and consumption.The reverse distribution of energy production and consumption in China is obvious. The energy consumption in the central and eastern regions accounts for more than 70% of the total energy consumption and less than 30% of the total energy production. Important energy bases are mainly distributed in the western regions.Therefore, to ensure the safe and stable supply of energy, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of trans-provincial and trans-regional transmission channels of electricity and oil and gas, and improve the utilization rate of transmission channels.For this reason, the guideline proposes that this year, the transmission capacity of electricity from the west to the East will reach about 290 million kw.Actively promote the planning and construction of power transmission channels, focusing on improving the utilization efficiency of power transmission channels and the proportion of renewable energy power;We will accelerate the construction of connectivity links linked to pipeline transport bottlenecks and inter-provincial connectivity channels.Energy security bears on development security and national security.By taking multiple measures, such as increasing production capacity and strengthening reserves, and promoting an optimal mix of traditional and new energy sources, we will be able to effectively defuse all risks and challenges that affect our energy security and ensure that we have the energy rice bowl firmly in our own hands.