More than 38,000 medical workers from 15 provinces rushed to Shanghai to help

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Medical staff from the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine joined local officials and community volunteers to conduct nucleic acid screening in Huansha Residential area of Yangpu District in Shanghai on The morning of April 4.”We sent a nucleic acid sampling medical team to Shanghai on March 28. This time we have also sent a 54-member makeshift medical team from the National Medical Center for Infectious Diseases to Shanghai. Now there are 306 medical workers in Shanghai.”Zhejiang University medical School affiliated first hospital of a medical team told reporters.Some 1,900 members of the nucleic acid sampling team selected by hospitals in Jiangsu province left for Shanghai by bus in the early morning of April 4. They arrived in Shanghai at 8 am and immediately went to various communities to conduct nucleic acid sampling.Since March 31, Jiangsu province has sent a total of more than 13,000 medical teams and sampling team members to Shanghai.At the request of the medical treatment team under the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, more than 38,000 medical workers from 15 provinces have been sent to Support Shanghai, according to an official with the National Health Commission.Among them, nine provinces sent more than 11,000 medical personnel to undertake the task of medical teams in makeshift hospitals.More than 23,200 medical personnel from the four provinces took nucleic acid samples;Twelve provinces have sent a team of nearly 4,000 laboratory nucleic acid testers.Shanghai launched a city-wide nucleic acid test on Thursday.To this end, the National Health Commission dispatched a nucleic acid testing force of 1.08 million tubes per day from eight provinces to support Shanghai, and coordinated the four provinces around Shanghai to undertake nucleic acid testing samples of 1.3 million tubes per day.More than 2,000 PLA medical service personnel, from seven medical units under the PLA Army, NAVY and Joint Logistic Support Force, have been dispatched to Shanghai on Thursday.According to Wu Ganyu, a first-level inspector of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, since the outbreak, Shanghai has successively opened reserve designated hospitals and rebuilt a number of makeshift hospitals.At present, there are more than 10 designated hospitals, reserve designated hospitals and makeshift hospitals, and some large public facilities have been upgraded to ensure that all infected patients receive medical treatment.At present, Shanghai is carrying out nucleic acid screening for all personnel, grasping the background of the epidemic, quickly transferring infected people to temporary hospitals and designated hospitals, realizing the collection of all infected people, carrying out timely investigation and screening, tracking and controlling those at risk, and completing the tasks of daily clearance and prevention of the spread of the epidemic.”Shanghai will never forget the warmth and affection from our brotherly provinces,” a spokesman for the Shanghai municipal government said Thursday.Source: People’s Daily Editor Luo Hangnian editor Min Jieyang Tao