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Winter came and spring came. Although the wind and snow still refused to leave, the snow melted slowly, and water droplets fell from the eaves and splashed on the ground.Yesterday’s snowman is still tall and straight, but sweat trickles down his cheeks.There were still flakes of snow in the sky, but not as big as yesterday.Start of Spring – Start of Spring is one of the most important traditional Chinese folk festivals.”Li” means “beginning”, and since the Qin Dynasty, The start of Spring has been the beginning of the Mengchun season in China.The beginning of Spring has been a traditional festival since ancient times.China attaches great importance to it from the government to the people. It has a history of more than 3,000 years to welcome spring on the start of Spring.Spring dish of The Start of Spring food culture spring dish is mainly vegetables, lettuce, melon, fruit cake and sugar put in the dish for the spring dish (or put into a dish) to feed to relatives and friends or take the meaning of spring.There are mainly: fruit, vegetables, candy, cake, bait five kinds.Vegetables are: bean sprouts, radish, leek, spinach, lettuce, beans, eggs, potatoes.Du Fu “The beginning of spring” : “Spring spring dish thin lettuce, suddenly recall two Beijing plum hair.”Spring rolls (spring silkworm) “at the age of guang Ji” : “The Rich family of the Capital made noodles silkworm, called ‘inspector silkworm.”And because of the start of spring to do this, it is also called ‘exploring the spring silkworm’.”Biting spring (eating radish) In the Ming Dynasty, “Drinking Zhong Zhi” : “At the beginning of spring, there was no noble or lowly chewing lobu, which was called ‘biting spring’.”For healthy people, the diet should be light, do not overeat dry, spicy food.At the same time, because at this time Yang qi rises easy to hurt Yin, so we should pay special attention to nourishing Yin, can choose lily, yam, lotus seeds, wolfberry and other food.The period of time after the beginning of spring is often cold and warm, we should be careful of “to the spring cold” intrusion, especially for the weak person, cold, fever is a common thing.To this expert expresses, want to kill bacteria and prevent cold, can increase eat garlic, onion, celery to wait for “taste strong” food number on diet, to prevent typhoid cold to wait for spring multiple respiratory tract infection to have great benefit.