Lavida provides two kinds of displacement options, inheriting the German gene, Volkswagen family style is still the same

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Lavida provides two kinds of displacement options, inherits the German gene, Volkswagen family style is still wen/Sujin Ji hot models are not a few, but can sit firmly in the top few monthly sales list.In addition to the accumulation of reputation, these models also need to focus on their own products, but more importantly, they need to have a beautiful price.Lang Yi and Xuan Yi have been competing with sales in the A-class sedan, so the top two are often these two models.Lavida, as one of Volkswagen’s important descendants, inherits the German gene, so this model can bring users better control texture, which is also the highlight of the product.Because of this, the core competitiveness of this model is focused on the level of hardware and technology, but it also has a good practicality, all aspects of the model conditions also meet the positioning of family driving.But in terms of its design alone, the model is more of a calm, which is also a feature of Volkswagen’s models in the design level.The family design language of this model is mainly reflected in the use of lines and grille, including the grille of the model with a large number of horizontal lines. Although such a design style is simple, it also looks a little smart.After entering the car, Lang Yi in the interior material aspect is not very brilliant, including the design style of the car is also simplified for the main purpose.The seat in the car is made of fabric, in addition to low matching and low matching models, the rest of the models will add imitation leather material in the seat material.Although the seat of the model is generally soft, it has good support, so the ride texture will be more comfortable.The design of the central console or we are familiar with the taste, mainly through the decorative plate, also in the decorative plate with lines to increase its three-dimensional effect.In the smoked veneer can also be vaguely seen there are brushed lines, especially in the light will have a good sense of delicacy.The decorative plate of the central console belongs to the type of penetration, and the metal trim of penetration is also provided below as a collocation.All 2022 models currently on sale come with 8-inch built-in displays, which are small in size but integrate practical technology functions.However, Volkswagen is not very good at the development of the underlying logic of the vehicle, so the vehicle may respond slowly sometimes, but not frequently.In addition, the whole series of models with multi-function steering wheel, but except top-of-the-line model of the steering wheel using the cortex, the rest of the plastic material model versions of the wheel and texture may not be comfortable leather steering wheel, but the user can choose their own online shopping a leather steering wheel covers, to improve the control of the steering wheel grip.Models of the whole system with the traditional instrument panel, there is a small piece of the screen, among the dial can show the selection of functional and debug data, but in addition to fashion edition, the rest of the model versions can be optional 8 inches of liquid crystal instrument, liquid crystal instrument has higher integration, and at the time of use will be more convenient.Lavida still provides two familiar displacement in terms of power, with 1.5L and 1.4T to choose from.The 1.5-l self-priming engine is not very good in terms of power, at 113 HP +145 N · m torque. The dynamic response is not very fast, but it can stay smooth.The 1.4-ton displacement of 150 HP +250 N · m torque has some power reserve, power output is not weak.Conclusion: Lavida’s household orientation is obvious, and the configuration provided by the model is mainly practical, so the configuration of this model is not outstanding, and its rival models at the same level are easy to beat it in configuration level.However, the main competitiveness of this model is not in configuration. This model has excellent driving texture by virtue of the stability of German chassis, so consumers who choose this model may not care about its configuration.The two kinds of power provided by the model are also to increase the user’s selectivity. If the power requirements are not high, 1.5L displacement can be considered, which will have good fuel economy.