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It is said that in ancient times, there were ten SUNS in the sky, and they were all sons of the Eastern Emperor of Heaven.The ten SUNS lived with their mother, the emperor of Heaven’s wife, on the edge of the Eastern Sea.In order to save the people, Hou Yi shot down nine SUNS in a row. From then on, the earth had a favorable climate and all things could grow.He killed the beast and the viper to rid the people of harm.Therefore, he was regarded as the “god of arrows” by the people.Hou Yi shoot sun to tell us the truth of mind the world people, there is a heart of universal love, loyalty, tolerance, never give up until the goal.It tells us to take the world as our own responsibility, to have a heart of love for all living beings, and to be persistent and strong in everything.1. There is no reason not to.Challenge authority and benefit the people.Eliminate all unreasonable things.This myth created the image of a hero – Tai Yi.The author’s imagination is very rich. He imagines there are ten SUNS in the sky.Ten SUNS appear together in the sky when the scene: vegetation crops withered, people have no food to eat, beast scourge…..The people suffered from natural disasters and man-made disasters, and the miserable state is difficult to describe.Just then, the savior Dayi appeared!The author imagines him as a man of great courage: he kills wild beasts, shoots at the sun and saves people from fire and water.Yi shot the sun’s feat, thousands of years for people praised.This reflects the good wishes of the working people in ancient China to conquer nature and transform nature.The legend of Hou Yi shooting the sun comes from the Classic of Mountains and Seas, Shu · Yao Dian, Records of ten States, Huainan Zi, Tian Wen and other works.