Guangdong team’s third stage schedule out!Four tough games to pay attention to, Du Feng has confidence to return to the top four

2022-06-16 0 By

On February 15, the third phase of the REGULAR season of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) has not yet started.Guangdong, the defending champion, has already returned to training and the players are preparing for future matches under the guidance of head coach Du Feng.In addition, CBA officially announced the third stage of the schedule, among which the situation of Guangdong team is the concern of many fans, the author and everyone together to discuss.Guangdong will play 10 games in the third phase of the regular season: 20:00 v Shandong on March 1, 15:30 v Xinjiang on March 3, 19:35 v Longlions on March 5, 19:35 v Beikong on March 9, 15:00 v Ningbo on March 11, 20:00 v Longlions on March 13, 11:00v Beikong, 18 March 15:00 v Ningbo, 20 March 20:00 v Xinjiang, 22 March shandong.I don’t know what fans feel when they see it, but I think it’s relatively relaxed.From the opponent, these teams also shandong, Beikong, Guangzhou is a playoff team, the rest of xinjiang, Ningbo strength is limited.There are four tough battles, namely with Shandong, longshi’s two rounds hand in hand.Shandong team is very familiar with Guangdong team, this team is worth paying attention to, their team players strength is good, and foreign aid is also configured.The dragons have improved significantly under head coach Guo Shiqiang, and the team has improved rapidly with domestic players and foreign players.Two teams may give Guangzhou team caused certain trouble, the team should take it seriously.Guangzhou team since the new season performance can only say general, especially the second phase of the regular season problems.At that time, the team was affected by the Chinese men’s basketball training, and a number of injuries, so it lost a lot of games, and fell to fifth place in the standings.But this is not the true situation of Guangdong team, to the third stage, the team will be neat, then the battle will certainly be stronger.Guangdong team now has Zhou Peng, Yi Jianlian, Xu Jie, Hu Mingxuan, Ren Junfei, Zhao Rui 6 big national players pressure, plus foreign aid Weems and Liduo, lineup depth is very good.Next, coach Du Feng’s goal must be to return to the top four in the table, and winning all the matches in the third stage with guangdong’s squad is not a problem, so he is confident.Not to say, look forward to the third phase of the guangdong team regular season performance.