Boonie bears: After Earth | a steady stream of New Year participants

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Boonie bears: After Earth is the eighth boonie Bears series. With the iP of Boonie Bears ii, Boonie Bears has been steadily exporting its own films in 2020 when Tang Tang attempted to create his own universe and left the scene. And with their familiarity with children, boonie Bears has earned a box office of 443 million yuan so far.”Bears. Return to earth” tells the story of a little lazy and a little greedy bear two although always a variety of mistakes, the heart has always dreamed of becoming a hero, in order to get everyone, especially brother bear big recognition.An accidental opportunity he obtained lairte’s proto core, the original cowardly he in order to save the destruction of the earth and injured everyone, finally summon up the courage to overcome their own, save everyone.Bears as a children’s film, it seems that the outbreak and environmental these ideas they are very far away, but in fact, they have been doing the change, gradually from the original animated film has been on a bald tree strong and Xiong Daxiong two a group of animals to protect the earth, eventually become their visitors to protect the environment to develop tourism, comment, together to show to tourists,Even as the annual film animation IP to join, animation, also as a person to come in, film and animation united each other gradually, form a own animation IP, together with the Spring Festival is file completely belongs to the children’s movies are few and far between, is there any training IP, so the bears in the children’s film, even in the whole movie box office now it is not surprising.Epidemic outbreak era after the theme of the era, after returning home, environmental protection has become the new subject, make a lot of people have home back to the difficult, because outbreak of bears the specially set up a bright civilization would like to go back home, they have their own technology, but everyone like humans have their own ambitions, and therefore abramovich to be victims of destruction of earth, survivors of the interstellar travel,He longs to get back to where he was, to be with his parents, and so the film begins to tell the story of the search.This finding is reflection effects to us, as a friend role of Roman abramovich, the beginning is a very strong, has been hit others, then we found out that he was just a child, a child’s self protection, and if we don’t protect the earth, after wandering could be so our own children.Protecting the earth has become another theme in the era of COVID-19.The sci-fi theme of the bear ii moon landing is the bear Haunt.The scene that impressed the kids in the return to Earth set is also a new twist on the Boonie bear franchise: science fiction.In fact, the child’s science fiction series and adult’s science is not the same, we saw China in the stray earth science fiction film strength, a lot of films are, want to in sci-fi, but from a stray earth after we see seems to be no successful science fiction movies, and as a cartoon for sci-fi try is tasted,The Laelte civilization and skyfire wars were added to the movie.The lack of technology has not affected the success of the film.Bears skyfire wars, in fact, more like a work of collage bear. Lie down, and in the scene very much like the Ottoman skyfire war was the ultraman monster hit image, altman, he is with the support of all and to regain energy lights, finally stood up, and in the setting in the movie, bears because bears two to protect bears daiwa,It was because The big Bear told him that he didn’t need to be the big Bear, just be himself, the one and only Bear Two, so he gained strength from his brother’s words and stood up again to defeat the monster.The characters in the film into the director in “Boonie bears. Back to Earth” message, I hope to let every child learn to believe in themselves, no matter how around, even if not outstanding, also always keep kind and courage, become their own hero!”As an imperfect protagonist, Xiong Er borrowed from the imperfect heroes of the United States. At the beginning, Xiong Er was a cowardly and often trouble-making image. This image was designed very much like Xiong Er in the cartoon, so that children could not only enter the film quickly, but also join in with jokes.Bears two film or animation, has always been a need to be care for the children, not perfect children also need to prove himself, the story is here, now many kids are like bears two roles, bear the child’s parents give their children a nickname, but every child like bears two, there is a dream to save the world, they also like bears two pure,Goodness.When watching the movie, more parents automatically bring xiong Da into their lives. They are like xiong Da in the movie, taking care of everything for their children, hoping that their children can keep their dreams.The child had a dream about the hero in this movie. He taught the child that no matter what kind of person you are, you just need to be yourself and you can also be a superhero to protect yourself and your family. The child was moved in the movie.Someone scale cons film bears the growth of the two is not in place, bear two like somehow into a struggle, but a hero is known in the time of misfortune, actually this setting is not very reasonable, every character has its own growth driver suddenly, just like two saw the wounded bear big bear, hope every child can find themselves in this film, gain strength.As a national IP, nearly 10 films, even won the 600 million at the box office, before 400 million at the box office of bears in the fifth day, the future road is still far away, easy, simple plot design, the character is too rigid, no doubt, but his IP, as a successful for animation film and film, created in one direction,We should not only make movies, but also make Chinese movies, which has gradually become the consensus of the public.