Zhang Zhijun inspected and guided the epidemic prevention and control work in Gongzhuling city of Qikai District

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On the afternoon of February 2, Zhang Zhijun, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Municipal Party Committee, inspected and guided the epidemic prevention and control work in Qikai District and Gongzhuling City.He stressed the need to strengthen confidence, focus on strict implementation of prevention and control measures, spare no effort to meet people’s basic living needs, and launch a general offensive against social security.After the outbreak of the current round of the epidemic, the steam opening area strictly implemented the prevention and control measures, prevent importation, prevent rebound, and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic.Up to now, the district has basically completed the target of zero social meetings.In order to prevent future problems, the area is rebuilding a standard workshop of ten thousand square meters into a shelter isolation point.Zhang Zhijun inspected the site, discussed the reconstruction plan with the person in charge of the steam opening area and the representative of the design and construction side, and proposed that the city should have a “chess game” thinking, further improve the reconstruction speed, and plan and make reasonable use of resources.The Sunshine New Town community in Gongzhuling city is under strict control due to a confirmed case.Local officials, community workers and property management personnel are on 24-hour guard to prevent the spread of the epidemic.Zhang expressed sympathy to the front-line personnel, asked about the supply of daily necessities to the people in the community after strict control, communicated with the residents upstairs with Windows and ventilation to learn about their living conditions and demands, and encouraged them to fight the epidemic at home, tide over the difficulties together, and contribute to winning the battle against the epidemic.Zhang was particularly concerned about the distribution of daily necessities for the elderly, the bedridden and other groups, as well as the medical treatment of dialysis workers and pregnant women. He urged officials and community workers to be “single-minded” and ensure the livelihood of the people and medical care.Frontline prevention and control personnel are urged to pay attention to protection, work and rest.In an isolated hotel, Zhang zhijun had a detailed understanding of the situation of hotel beds, occupancy, turnover efficiency and so on, and demanded simplification of procedures, timely transfer, and continuous release of isolated resources.Wang Haiying participated in the activities of steam opening area.Source: Changchun Government affairs