Wan Li Changjiang River far shadow guest heart sorrow, south hongyan mountain high another autumn

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Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art thousands of miles Yangtze River far shadow guest heart sorrow, south Hongyan mountain high another autumn.The west wind blows the guest on the tall building, the Yangtze River flows northward, the cloud water boundless wild goose word writes clear autumn.Mountain ring ancient ferry, wild geese when Hugh, north flow thousands of miles of thousands of sails to carry passengers.Wind and rain, north flow of people, castle peak is still always spring Qian east.North flow yinhan meet the sky, east to the Yangtze River to send passenger ships, Swan goose south fly Wan in the clouds.Guest heart is sad, north flow endless, where the vast clouds go, south fly wild goose send acacia.White apple wind, the south people do not see empty acacia, xiang Jiangbei popular guest.The swan goose crowed from the south, the long road of the distant mountains turned to be a mystery, the north stream disappeared at sunset, and the autumn wind blew the guest over Jiangxi.Sansheng such as water gone, the south China Sea corner thousands of miles of feeling difficult to do, the guest send home dream can be found.A line lead, the ends of the earth guest heart hanging, hongyan spread good news, shuiyuan mountain high total moon circle.Long guest tianya no township, north flow to a few hesitation, mountain water far difficult to meet, hongyan fly south heartbroken.Autumn thought thousands of miles to find their way home, spring dream thousands of memories, the most affectionate moon as sleepless.Far letter book is difficult to send, the guest has a new poem thousands of miles away, the end of the world home light.With the sun and moon, never township dream separated by clouds and smoke, looking back three thousand li, return to the west wind for another year.The setting sun inclined, vaguely recognize the old home, where is the dream of the village, the autumn wind blowing in the old guest flower.East wind wind rain fan home, according to people think of home, I have a sleepless night in different places.In the middle of the night, my hometown moon is dim and lonely.Different chongyang, home times sentimental, looking at the way home in where.Hometown surprised years, in front of the road full of dust, longitudinal tianya traveler body.Through the blue, is castle peak, guest to mo blame between the two places.Rain clear, the dream is not, the most partridge home.Guest lonely, thousands of miles of dream distant, hometown moon should still be in, return when the night.Spring is full of the world, the return road is vaguely like the old year, the dream village guguan lonely guest tears trickling down one’s cheeks.Where is the way home, lonely when Hugh, tianya fetter township guan month full building.Hometown where can forget oneself, return to the grass color green, is the most township who and words once.No one asks, hometown lonely who knows, if I am a green guest, set to teach the township heart into poetry.Where is the end of the world, every spring in the guest home, looking back thousands of trees, I do not know the way back when flowers.Door no vulgar visitors xianxiang crane, to ask home full of green moss.Tonight the moon is round, the way home no good scene, home mountain guest tears trickling down cheeks.Return two lost, dimly to the hometown, today guest moon shine without sleep.Thirty years, distant dream, hometown moon is still in today, when I return.Strangers on the new peach side drunk guests, old wine has drunk people, hometown should be a faint grass color evenly.The clouds go, returning people with the setting sun also, township guan Ming moonlight night, how many guest son tears trickled down one’s cheeks.The way home, where to find Penglai hometown, qingshan is not old long flow outside the township.A wisp of breeze peach and plum race fragrance, golden rape spring roaming.Seek bosom friend, accompany guqin, a wisp of fragrant soul small character send affection deep.Wei Zi dou Jiao Yan, wander under the flower sleep, not with qunfang wanli intoxicating between.Unable flowers fang, only Hanmei roaming find elegant charm, poetic painting full mountain yellow.Dongfeng Wanli fragrance, full garden of spring flowers fang, Yao Huang Wei Zi Bee fly ren Roam.The ends of the earth to roam, wanli jiangshan a piece of yellow, spring, summer, autumn and winter fang four seasons, full court fragrance.Chrysanthemum yellow, with friends to climb a total of wandering, green mountains grass green, a bay blue rice he incense.Peach blossom in March full ting Fang, butterfly dance bee fly tangy fragrance, walk hand in hand in spring, poetic yellow dye.The west wind osmanthus fragrance, full garden autumn chrysanthemum fang, golden wandering drunk sunset.Bridge flowing water peach chrysanthemum is yellow, fang path no one intends to send fragrance.Flowers everywhere fang, spring breeze face winding path to find a good sentence, walking green and yellow garden.Flowers full of incense, fruit pressure branch fang, red yellow blue purple drunk sunset.Poetic sea wandering charm is long, the autumn wind sends cool chrysanthemum yellow, admire oneself cold plum proud snow incense.Everywhere yellow, any wander, lonely chrysanthemum dark send fragrance.Spring to jiangnan grass fang, send warm potpate, garden garden garden garden garden garden garden green yellow.Tangy, apricot wall fang, who yellow dog front barking, a few visitors are wandering.Heaven on earth all dyed yellow, mo Fang soul night full garden incense.Yellow Crane tower head looked at home, confrontation ren Roaming, the Yangtze River elegant rhyme fragrance.Linfeng Fang Tu Yan, mu Yu Rui contains incense, enjoy the chrysanthemum yellow poem sea book mountain.Sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, everywhere fang, everywhere golden painting roaming.Wander spring scenery to the end of the world, liu Green flowers yellow virginal home, mo Gu Fang array in the blossoming flower.Leaves half yellow, the path alone wandering, no one asked, only cold plum dark send incense.Verdant siye Fang, cool breeze sent rice flowers, garden garden wandering chrysanthemum yellow.Used to see the world of fame and fortune, only the world lovers, afterlife if you have to get together again, not cherish this body tonight.Where to go in the afterlife, but cherish this life thousands of miles must gather, mo sigh the road a few heavy.Dream is true, the world of mortals where to find friends, pity eye prospects, mo negative afterlife a heart.Don’t cherish the time with the passing water, the next life to renew the old alliance, predestined relationship thousands of miles can meet, without regret the world of mortals take a journey.The next life to continue the old huan, at a thousand dollars to buy smile, today a dream before you.Love in vain god, the world of mortals where pity take eye prospect, mo negative afterlife a heart.A pot of wine, the next life had the honor to make a retreat, in the peach land, do not ask the world of mortals million books.Hate hard to rest, the world of mortals several degrees of autumn, Xiyutaixiang love, the afterlife to continue the old gentle.Precious little spring why bother to think, afterlife mo heartbroken, flowers fall predestined love a dream drunk setting sun.New yan home lonely who knows, advised you to take the next life to continue poetry.Years difficult old, to live longer, this life is predestined to a dream drunk setting sun.Afterlife where also, but cherish tonight moonlight cold, predestined thousands of miles of dangerous world.Difficult to get together, always lead intestine, advised you to take the afterlife to hesitate again.If xu years, how much margin, the next life to continue to sleep tonight.Cherish the old, fortunate to continue before, edge meet bosom friend thousand cups less, laugh at the world of mortals.Would like to marry for her, this life cherish this body micro, predestined relationship thousands of miles of the world of mortals.The world where to find poetry, the world of mortals a line, xiyutaixiang continue this article.Red years of grinding blue eyes, whitehead feelings to continue the old edge, until the afterlife, a total of drunk precious little fleeting.Know the hero, devoting all the efforts of nature, jiangshan floating dream, now where to find fang trace.All the year round, yulu jinfeng and a few times, blue sea qingtian float bright moon, and now where to find the beauty of chan.Dim night where to find the way home, the golden wind does not understand the autumn cry.Worry about silk, Yulu jinfeng sky bright moon, now where to find petunias.Looking back sigh waste, smoke float eye wave, already scheming Yulu ren kill.The next nine, the world is empty, on the house, now where to find the wizard.East hedge wine cost ponder, yellow flower a gold, wild goose word across the sky blowing dream now.Blue wave floating, scenery now into the drawing, golden shop brocade, thousands of xiucai fee hesitated.After 15 years of separation, I have no idea how much money I spent in exchange for wine.Last night the gold wind sky cost to think, cloud floating blue sea now thousands of frost.It is a pity that the floating flowers and waves are only dependent on dreams.Four seas of waves, ups and downs of regrets, already how to stick.Letters home are still hard to understand, thousands of gold to buy dispersed where, the dream is now frustrated.The universe floating yuyu, now where to find the wizard, jinfeng shuang Jiangshan hard work.The golden wind sends the cool wild goose to fly south, thousands of miles on the journey to catch up, cloud light day high floating sunrise, but now no old man.– Zheng Huixian original Art #