The latest!Ningbo has partial bus line adjustment operation again today

2022-06-15 0 By

According to feng Ye City Road Transport Center, due to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, the urban bus routes have been temporarily adjusted according to the actual situation. As of April 9th morning, the new urban bus routes have been adjusted as follows:(1) Route 132 from the Municipal Passenger Transport Center to Panhuo Viaduct is reduced to the municipal passenger transport Center to Metro.(2) No. 186 Fenghua Binhai Community to Panhuo Viaduct is shortened to Fenghua Binhai Community to bus Songjiang West Road.(3) No. 137 and (Fengqi Road class) bus zijun station to bus Hongxing Macalline station reduced to bus Zijun Station to bus Tiangong Manor.(4) No. 623 bus from Gulin Station to Panhuo Viaduct station is shortened to Gulin Station to Sangtian South Road entrance of Yongda Road.(v) No. 620 bus from Xianxiang Station to Panhuo Viaduct Station is shortened to bus from Xianxiang Station to east bus Station.(6) No. 903 from Dongqian Lake Distribution Center to Panhuo Viaduct is shortened to Dongqian Lake Distribution Center to East Bus Station.(1) No. 157 road is temporarily cancelled: Chengxin Road, Xianyin North Road, Panhuo Road direction, Fengqi intersection of Songjiang East Road, Zijun District, East Zijun Community, Sigang Community, Dongfang Lido and Canghai Intersection station of Panhuo Road.(2) 158 Road temporarily cancelled Xianyin North Road, Panhuo Road direction and Zijun community east, Sigang community, Dongfang Lido, Panhuo Road Canghai Junction station.(3) Road 177 will temporarily cancel Canghai Road, Panhuo Road, Jinda South Road, Songjiang East intersection of Canghai Road, Chunyuan Road of Canghai Road, Panhuoqiao Community, Tong Wang, Panhuo Road, Canghai Road, Jinda Road of Panhuo Road and east station of Sigang Community.(4) Temporary cancellation of Panhuo Road, part of Canghai Road, Haiyan South Intersection of Panhuo Road and Red Star Macalline South Station.Stop at No. 350 panhuo Road, Canghai Road and Canghai intersection of Panhuo Road, Xinjiayuan, Xinghe Chenguang and Baining Street.(6) Stop at Canghai Road, Yongda Road, Chunyuan intersection of Canghai Road, Panhuoqiao Community, Tong Wang, Xinjiayuan ↑, Canghai Intersection of Yongda Road, Dongying New Village, Panhuo Viaduct of Yongda Road, Sangtian South Road ↑, Sangtian South Road xingning Road ↑.(7) No. 59 will stop at Changshou East Road, Canghai Road, Xinghe Chenguang, Xinjiayuan, Tongwang, Panhuoqiao Community, Changshou East Road Innovation Intersection, Dongcheng Water Bank north, East Lake Garden east.(8) 81 temporary cancellation should north road, under the pan fire road, the sea, yongda road towards and purple county village east, see the sea port village, east lido, pan fire road intersection, the new estates write, yongda the sea road, east warbler xincun, yongda road pan fire left under the viaduct, yongda kuwata south road, modern mall, ningbo high-speed traffic police detachment, east lake garden west railway station.(9) Temporary withdrawal of No. 891 Panhuo Road, Canghai Road direction and Panhuo Road, Canghai Road entrance, Xinjiayuan, Xinghe Chenguang, Yuxing Street station.(1) Xingning Road, Sangtian South Road: Road 18, Road 53, Road 335, Road 388, Road 182.(2) Yuxing Street Station: No. 14, 21, 53, 335, 350, 117, 123, 131, 132, 155.(3) Xinghe Chenguang: No. 29, 117, 123, 131, 132, 639, 912.(4) Fengqi intersection of Songjiang East Road: No.29, no.131, No.136, No.137 Fengqiban, No.150, No.152, No.157, No.639, No.635 (including No.635 East-west Zheng branch line).(V) Frozen food Center of each restaurant: 137 phoenix shifts.(6) Panhuo Road Canghai Intersection: 131, 137 and Fengqiban, 157, 158, 177 East Ring Road.Zhang Binqiao: Road 103, Road 891, Road 981.(9) Panhuo Viaduct Station: 335 Road, 388 Road, 516 Road, 522 Road.(x) Zhongxing Road ning Crossing station: No. 9, No. 11, No. 361, No. 513, No. 522.Five, the recovery of the day (1) (1) stop recovery: 696 road (note: Sunshine world, Love community, Wangtong Road Yingchun intersection, Xinyi New village yue station does not stop passengers).