Light Encounter: New cloak, new tea table, new star tray, new trip love gift bag!

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Hello, I am the sixth king.In light of this game, there have been several major events recently.The Flower of Daylight test server has released a flower of the day announcement.The event is called “Flower Day” in Gwangyu, where a cherry tree blooms over time.Last year’s flower Day was japanese-style. The event items were cherry cape and hair, and the gift bag was a tea table.These items will all come back.This year’s style is different.This year’s theme is wisteria, with new wisteria cloaks and wisteria tea tables.Wisteria Tea Table 1, new item: New Flower Day Cloak 105 candles Wisteria Tea Table: 128R contains 35 seasonal candles, 3 people.There are snacks and tea on the table, and interactive animations after you sit down.The tea table is at the back in the shape of a purple teapot.Two, return items: tea table 128R cherry blossom hairstyle 20 heart Cherry blossom cape 95 candle trip love gift bag light encounter test suit appeared love sauce trip love association gift bag.Note that this is not the same thing.The one on the Gyu server is Ai, and the one on the Gyu test server is Ai Jang.Ai Elder brother and ai sauce, no matter the shape and copyright are different.Generally speaking, love sauce is the original love.This pack will be available in the forbidden Pavilion office, it is for global players, it is not limited to foreign servers.So, not only will there be a return of The ganyu China team, but there will also be a new team pack.However, since the hairstyle and headgear are unwrapped, there are already fans of Chinese server who don’t need this gift bag.It’s almost like this with long hair and a long hair accessory.The package includes a hairdo, a dangling bow headdress, and a cape.This seems to indicate that the split was not GCS ‘idea, but TGC’s.Astrological disk new, upgraded UI, the highlight is to support customization, you can choose different constellations, to store different friends, very gorgeous, also very easy to use, this change began to do a long time ago, now finally done.The next update will be up.The chart is divided into a constellation chart and a solar chart.Horoscopes support custom editing, choose different horoscopes to store your close friends.Solar system astrolabe, random save not familiar friends.For specific circumstances, you can look at this article.Light encounter astral disc big change!The ability to group friends and support for customizing astrolabes is amazing. The fifth season mission of the Abyss season is ready for beta.The fifth season mission is an important and powerful finale to the Abyss season.It’s worth looking forward to.After completing the season mission, you can redeem the diving mask that does not require a season card. After several changes, it is now 15 seconds longer and requires 48 candles to redeem.Then, abyss season will add a new shared space.In the game of Light, day of flowers is a celebration of beauty, joy and sorrow.Flowers bloom and fade, just like the origin of the fate.The life cycle of a flower, including from bud breaking ground, from bud blooming to withering, affectionate and ruthless, warm and cold, but, if the bloom is worth happy, even parting can also live rich, after all, that extreme beauty, once burned your life.After realizing this, every moment of the bloom will feel beautiful, including the decay and decay.Just like a relationship, as long as there is a moment of serious love, then, even if parting is very beautiful, hurt, hurt, is also a kind of beauty.Be thankful for everyone you meet, good or bad, a gift.The above is all the content of this push, thank you for reading, some pictures from the network, abuse and deletion.